Introduction: How to List an Item for Sale on EBay

Welcome to my Instructable on How to List an Item For Sale on eBay!

This article will show you how to get started selling on one of world's largest, most visited, online marketplaces. Learning to use eBay is a great tool for anyone to use. Have an old video game system you want to sell? How about old toys, or jewelry? There are millions of buyers on eBay right now looking for items you need to sell. This article is intended for an eBay rookie, and will show how to list using the most basic and common formats. Please note it is assumed that you already have a registered Paypal prior to starting this Instructable. 

You will need:
-Internet connection
-basic computer knowledge & internet navigation skills
-Item to sell
-digital camera
-packing and shipping materials to ship your sold item
- A PayPal account

Step 1: Begin

 Use your favorite internet browser to go to

Step 2: Registration

Once at eBay’s home page, click the register button (in red circle) at the top left corner of the screen. 

Step 3: Registration Pt 2

Complete the simple registration form. Once finished you will be assigned a username. You can edit this username by following the onscreen instructions, if you wish. After clicking "Submit", you will be redirected back to the home page where you will click “Sell”, as seen in the red circle. 

Step 4: Start Listing

Enter a description of the item you want to sell, and then click “Get Started”.
As an example I have entered "Xbox 360 slim 250 gb".

Step 5: Choose Premade Template

On the next page eBay will show you their premade listing templates. If you find one that matches your item, click on “sell one like this” (circled in red). If not, click “continue to the listing form” towards the bottom of the page (circled in blue). You do not have to choose a premade template, this is just a feature to help you save time. 

Step 6: Describe Your Item

Describe Your Item- Enter a title for your listing. Make sure it includes all important facts about what is included in your listing, as briefly as possible. Select a condition (most likely “used”). Enter your own personal description in the "Details" box.

**Tip** This should be about 100 words in length. A description that us too short leaves a buyer wanting more, and it seems like you don’t care or know much about your item. Having a description that is too long will make the reader not want to read it at all.

Step 7: Adding Photos

Adding Photos- It is important to take and use your own photos, and not the stock photos provided by eBay. To upload them to your eBay listing simple click “add photo”, find the file where it is located on your computer, then click “open”.  You can add up to 12 for free.

Step 8: Selling Format & Price

Decide on Selling Format and Price- You have two options when it comes to selling: Auction, or fixed price. Auction will let you start an auction for your item at the price that you specify. Fixed price allows to place a single asking price on your item. You also have the option of receiving offers if you choose Buy it Now. You can change the format by using the drop down menu next to "List as". Enter your price in the box next to "Starting price". You can also change how long your item will be listed for sale by using the drop down menu next to "Listing duration". 

Step 9: Shipping & Handling

Select Shipping and Handling options – I recommend clicking the “select shipping myself” option. Then select charge a fixed cost. Having a fixed cost makes it easier for you and potential buyers to know the shipping cost. eBay’s automatic shipping cost often overcharges which turns away buyers. If you wish you can check the “offer free shipping” box. This means you cover shipping costs, but will attract more buyers to your item. If not, enter the amount you wish to charge your buyer for shipping cost in the box next to "Cost". Make sure the number is reasonable. As a seller, your buyer will rate your performance. One of the criteria is "reasonable shipping cost". 

Step 10: Set Preferences

First, make sure you have the proper Paypal email address entered so that your funds go to the right place. Next, make sure the zip code is correct in the box next to "Location". The next item is handling time. This means the amount of days it will take you to ship the order after your item has been sold and paid for. Buyers love a one day handling time (of course). I wouldn't recommend any longer than 3 days for handling time. Last is returns. Choosing not to accept returns is the most hassle-free. However, offering returns will make buyers more confident in purchasing your item. 

**Note** A buyer may still request to return the item if they feel it is not in the condition it was described. In this case you must work with the buyer to come to an agreement on how to settle the matter. Otherwise they will leave you negative feedback on your profile (not good)!

Step 11: List It!

You're almost done! Make sure everything looks right by clicking "preview" at the bottom of the page. If you have selected any options that require a fee, your total fees will be displayed at the bottom on the ride side of the screen as shown in the picture. When you've decided everything is correct click the "List it" button.

Congratulations! You have just listed your first item for sale on eBay. Now just sit back and watch the bids roll in.

**Note** If you realize you left something out of your listing and need to edit it, you can do so easily. Click "My eBay" located at the top right corner of the home page. Then find the "Selling" tab on the left side of the screen. There you will find your item. Click "more actions" located to the right of your item. Then, click "revise listing".