How to Login to Your Cisco Phone Adapter Admin Page.

Introduction: How to Login to Your Cisco Phone Adapter Admin Page.

The Linksys or Cisco Phone Adapter converts analogue voice signals into digital form. This means your voice signals can be transferred using the Internet often for free. The device therefore lets you make VoIP calls using your normal land-line phone sets with RJ11 connectors which are standard telephone plugs instead of a soft dialler. This can often enhance the quality of your VoIP calls or prove more convenient than using your laptop/PC to make calls

However, to use the device you must first configure the settings with your service provider and account information. To do this you must log into the device admin page using any browser online. Here is how.

Step 1: Connect the ATA and Your Phone Set.

Connect the device to your broadband router using an Ethernet cable as shown in the picture and make sure the device is plugged in. Also plug in your RJ11 phone set into one of the two device ports. You should see the green lights lit up.

Step 2: Get Your IP Address

Once the device is set up properly, dial **** (four stars), you will be prompt to enter option followed by the pound key, dial 110# to get your IP address and note this down

Step 3: Login to the Device Admin Page.

Open your favourite browser then go to the device admin page by typing in http://IPaddress/admin/advanced in the browser address window. Replace IPaddress with your own from last step. You are now ready to configure the device with your service provider and account details or SIP settings. For more information on configuring visit .

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