Introduction: How to Look and Become More Attractive

(THis is my first instructable so please be nice.)Well I am a Junior in high school and I constantly see people that look terrible. Well I've decided to help those in need out. You can become more attractive in simple steps that are usually overlooked by us males. They may seem a bit feminine but do help out a good amount. Most of these are common sense though so here ya go.

Step 1: Shaving

First I have a small rule of thumb with facial hair and that is if you can't grow it all shave it off. Well as you can see it doesnt look to cool. From what i can tell it just maks me look dirtier and on most it does too.

Step 2: Hygenic Products

Hygiene is a very important matter with being attractive if you don't smell good you probably won't be as attractive and most likely others will be repulsed, its the truth so you have to accept it. I recommend an anti-perspirent deodorant because for one you do not want to stink and secondly you don't want to have a sweat mark on your T-Shirt. Other products I recommend using are as follows Body clear body wash by neutrogena because if you sweat more and are outside often your pores can become clogged which causes the build up of bacne(he he aren't I clever). Another must is cutips dirty ears are bad and gross.Also shampoo and conditioner because if not washed regularly it will cause your hair to become greasy and start to stink. Cologon and finally face wash I use clearasil and it works the best for me because it is an exfoliating wash. Oh yea chap stick is also important for attractive lips.

Step 3: Teeth

Girls love smiles and I love my smile and I brush my teeth everyday. To obtain a whiter smile you truly don't need to go out and purchase 40 dollar whitening strips, instead I recommend buying Crest Vivid White tooth paste Act restoring mouth wash and a decent tooth brush. remember when brushing your teeth it is not nesscasary to brush to hard only that you brush thoroughly getting your tongue and behind your teeth.

Step 4: Uni-brow

I know plenty of guys that have that nasty looking uni-brow and that is one of the main reasons that i have wrote this instructable. While I do not posess on of these horrid things like I said I know many who do. To solve this problem simply pull out those handy tweezers. When doing it do not reshape your eyebrows just take out that unibrow. To do this pluck line up your eyebrow with your tear duct and simply remove all in the middle after youve lined it up. If you want to make it more natural simply add a small curve where you lined it up at. The example is in the picture. You can also take off all the hair ath the far end of you eye brow that does not seem to merge with it at all. This does not make you a homo either because i get many compliments from girls about my eyebrows. Soon after you keep them managed the hair should soon become harder and harder to see. Alternatively you can get a girl to do it for you.

Step 5: Grooming

As you can tell by now I have very little hair so if you are like me make sure it is all equal size if not it will look fairly stupid. This is not hard to do all you have to do is inbetween hair cuts is take a pair of hair cutting clippers and trim it all one size. yo can also trim up side burns while your at it

Step 6: Conclusion

these are some simple steps that are usually over looked so just take and try them and you should be able to start pulling the girls a little bit better so enjoy the benefits from a better looking face