Introduction: How to Made a Cheap Homemade Water Filter

Muddy water may be the only water you can find so, knowing how to make a water filter is important. There are a lots of different ways to make a water filter. The simplest and cheapest way is to use sand. Sand is natural way of filtering water.

Simple sand water filter

1. The first step to begin with, you will need to find a large container. Find a large, empty can, use it. Put about 8-10 holes in the bottom. A large plastic bottle like an empty milk carton would also work. Cut the end of the bottle off evenly.

2. Secondly, find some material you can place at the bottom as a filter. For instance:
• a couple of inches of gravel.
• a grass mesh, make sure it’s nonpoisonous grass.
• or cloth material.

3. Next add a layer of gravel. The purpose of the gravel layer is to strengthen the filter substance and help prevent sand mixing with the water you get from the filter.

4. Now, you want to fill the bottle or can with sand.

5. Finally, pour your collected water through the homemade filter. Retrieve it in another container from the bottom. Look at the water that comes out of the filter. It should be clear. If not, you may have to pass the water through the filter more than once.

Safe drinking water

Now you have made a water filter, but it still may not be safe to drink. The water may still contain harmful bacteria that your filter did not remove. To get water safe enough to drink, you also have to purify your water.