How to Make a Peeps-nut Bunny Sandwich

Introduction: How to Make a Peeps-nut Bunny Sandwich

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You may have noticed the influx of Easter candy at your local stores lately. If you're like me you can't seem to resist buying just a few things for yourself to enjoy. One of these is of course PEEPS®. These soft marshmallow sugarcoated effigies of either Bunnies or Chicks are one of my favorite seasonal delights. I recently took notice that they come in more colors and that they have a sugar free version, for diabetics to share in the fun of biting off the their little heads.
In this inscrutable we will focus on the the Pink Bunny variety however feel free to use any style or color of Peep you wish. The sugar free version is untested and I can't vouch for it, however IF you do try it please post your Results. I'd be interested in hearing how it turned out.

Step 1: Peep-wich Materials

You'll need a few things for this to happen:

> Easter season to be right around the corner (unless you have a source for year 'round Peeps)

> 1-2 Peeps (bunny variety is just a suggestion)

> 2 slices of bread

> A butter knife

> Creamy Peanut-butter (unless you're allergic, then use another kind of delicious sandwich spread)

> a microwavable plate or something

> and, oh yeah, a microwave!

Step 2: Peep-wich Prep

You'll need to prepare 1 slice of bread with a liberal amount of creamy sandwich spread , Peanut-butter shown here. I used store brand. I'm not Choosy or a Mom.

Step 3: Peep-wich Prep

And of course the Delicious Star of our sandwich!
I found that positioning the bunny variety on the bread at an angle in the center gives the best coverage. You could however just put two on your sandwich if so inclined.

Step 4: Peep-wich Nuke Time

So now is the time for Nuking!

If you've never put a marshmallow in the microwave then you'll want to have the lights on! (most microwaves have a light inside)

> Place the other slice with Mr. Peep in the center of the turntable on a microwave safe plate or something

> Set the timer to :30 sec

> Watch your Bunny expand to 3X it's normal size!

    Note: After you've done a few of these you may not need feel the need to watch so this is actually a good time to spread whatever on your other slice of bread in preparation.

>Carefully  remove your *extremely hot* Peep from the microwave.

Step 5: Peep-wich Assembly and Consumption

Now Place your wonderfully prepared slices together with a little force to get all of the bunny guts spread out real nice and Enjoy!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I really needed this. Seriously. what do I do with three boxes of peeps. I don't hate my stomach enough to actually eat one by itself. I can't wait to try it.