Introduction: How to Make a Small Sail/Row Boat

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This Instructable will show you how to build your very own waterproof small boat!

Step 1: Tools

Tools Needed:
Skill Saw
Jig Saw
Chop Saw

Step 2: Supplies

2 sheets of 1/8 inch 8x4 plywood (body)
2 2x2's (rib supports)
8 2x1's (floor structure)
Caulk liquid nail ( this is used for the floor structure)
2" PVC 10ft pipe( mast)
1/2' PVC ( boom)
1" screws
2" big screw/bolt (for attaching the wooden sides to the ribs)
4" long bolt and nut ( attaching the mast and boom)
hose tightner (the boom and mast)
10 right angles with bolts and washers and nuts

Step 3: Beginning

Cut your plywood in the desired shape of your boat mine was a typical design, a rectangle with a inwards sloping bow that slopes up.
Cut up 3 2x2's into the length and beam of your boat apply caulk and let it dry for 3 days make sure to clamp it.

Step 4: Cutting the Ribs or the Structure of the Boat

The Ribs are what gives the boat it strength I used a 2x10 because thats what I had laying around.
I made a cardboard template and then traced the design onto the wood. And then cut out 8 identical ribs
its important to leave a space over the 2x2's so that they can be caulked on make sure the gap fits nice and snug.
You want the ribs to extend all the way up the sides of the walls so I mad mine 10 inches. I had a rib every foot or so.

Step 5: Attaching Sides

Once all of the ribs have been securely caulked down with 5200 cut out your sides.
This is pretty simple but just make sure its nice and even. As seen below.
Drill pilot holes into the ribs 2 per rib. these are what the bolts are going to be screwed into
After drilling the holes apply 5200 over the ribs and socket wrench the sides on.

Step 6: Bending the Wood

 This is the trickiest part I found that placing something underneath the bow such as bricks helps hold the shape.
After the sides have been placed on now is the hard part of bending the wood into its bow shape. If you've done everything right
then when you bend the sides and bow up words they should line up great and make a bow shape. Take the right angle pieces and drill pilot holes into the base and sides
then caulk and bolt the sides on I'd recommend 5 angles per side. There will be popping noises from the boat these are to be expected but be aware that the sides may crack 
at the sloping part, mine did.

Step 7: Center Board Hole

This step requires precision and being very careful.You are cutting a hole in the center of your boat.
 I used the 2x10 again for the centerboard but planed it down to make it fit.
After finding the exact center and making sure the line is centered and straight, cut out the hole and mount your rudder board holder with the 5200 caulk
use more than you would elsewhere because this is a big step and messing up would be a pain at this step.

Step 8: The Floor

By now your shell should start to look like a boat. But if you noticed the floor board is a little weak, and we wouldnt that to break while standing on it in the water.
So take the 2x1's and create a "flooring" then caulk it on with the liquid nails caulk. After this cut up plywood pieces so they cover the 2x1's and create a false floor.

Step 9: Attaching Rear Piece

Now just cut out a back for your boat and screw it into the ribs ( I had two ribs in the back)

Step 10: Caulking

now go through and caulk the seams and anything else with the 5200 take your time here rushing wont make your boat waterproof, 5200 is sandable 
so it can come off.

Step 11: Attaching the "deck"

So I threw a piece of wood on the top just to make it look cool and also for storage.

Step 12: Rudder

Make a brace/support for the rudder between the two rear ribs. And then screw the two hinges onto the back side.
attached is also the rudder (with its half of the hinges) and the centerboard

Step 13: Mast Time

this is really easy just take a larger pipe like 2'"1/2 and attach it onto the upper piece and the floor

Step 14: Painting

NOW YOUR DONE! just apply two coats of waterproof paint and its a finished boat!