Introduction: How to Make Batch Files Install Any File!

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Ever want to give a download on an instructable, but it has to be in the correct folder? Here's how you can make a simple installer that can create multiple files, given you created it correctly. You will need

-a Windows NT (or higher) computer
-a file you want to install
-a place to put the file

Step 1: The Most Basic of Text Editing

Before we start programming we are going to have to open notepad.

Windows 95-2000

Windows XP-7

Start>All Programs>Acessories>Notepad

Then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: The Code

This time you have to create the code. But I will show you how. Make sure you write down the code in notepad.

Say you file has two lines that are

This is the best instructable ever!
Thanks to Super_Nerd

And you want to put it in the filepath

C:\Users\ Users name goes here\Desktop

You start the code with

@echo off

Otherwise every command would have a C:\Windows\System 32 in front of it.

Then for every line in the file put

echo data in the line>>filepath

For the filepath involving the username where the username has to be, put


So in our case the code would be

@echo off

echo This is the best instructable ever!>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\file.txt
echo Thanks to Super_Nerd>>C:\Users\%Username%\Desktop\file.txt


Say you want to overwrite a file. To do so just make the >> to an >

> = Overwrite
>> = Add to file

Therefore to overwrite, make the first line have a > and the rest have >>.

See where the code says file.txt? That is the filename. Feel free to change it to whatever you want. If you don't add an extention it turns into a file. Confusing right? A file is a file with no extention, hence you have to choose what to open it with every time.

Step 3: Adding the 1s and 0s to the Drive

AKA saving the file

Save it as something like installer.bat

It can be whatever you want as long as it ends in .bat or .cmd

Step 4: Fire It Up!

Now test your new creation by double clicking on the icon with the gears. As always comment any problems or ideas you had.

See Ya!