Introduction: How to Make Candles

This tutorial will show you how to fabricate candles.
olive oil (optional, not required)
2 recipients

Step 1: First Step:

Cover the place were you are going to work with newspaper, paperboard or plastic, this will allow you to maintain your workplace clean.

Step 2: Second Step:

Then put the paraffin in one of the recipients in order to melt it with the bain-marie technique.
The bain-marie technique consist in pouring water in a recipient, then laid the second recipient over the first recipient with water. This will allow you to melt the paraffin without burning the wax or the recipient.

Step 3: Third Step:

When the paraffin is completely melted and have a liquid form, pour the essence and the dye-stuff.

Step 4: Fourth Step:

Now, pour the liquified paraffin in your mold. Then grab one end of your fuse ( be sure to cut the fuse 2 centimeter longer than the height of the paraffin once its on the mold) and put it inside the paraffin. Grab the other end of the fuse and wrap around the end of the fuse in a pencil or a stick. Lay the stick sideways over the mold, so that the fuse stay straight in the center of the mold. Once you have ended this step, make sure to hit the bottom of the mold gently, to make sure any bubble stay on the mold.

Step 5: Last Step:

Let the paraffin inside the mold cool itself for 24 hours. You can accelerate this process by putting the mold inside the freezer. Once the paraffin is cool enough, take it out. You can help yourself by using a knife carefully. After that, unwrap the fuse from the pencil or stick and clean the border of the candle.

Now you have a homemade candle.