Introduction: Supplies

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Sandpaper (for rubbing into the shoe)

Nails (for scraping the shoe in a more precise spot)

Scissors/Knife (for cutting threads and more scraping)

Step 1: Sandpaper Rub

Take that sandpaper and scrub! Don't be afraid to push hard, but watch carefully what you're doing and move slow.

You will see the black start to fade right off, and the shoe will leave have white marks. You can choose to make this look whatever style you like, I just gave it a faded look.

Step 2: How to Make a Hole That Looks Natural

So now you have a well faded spot, you can leave it like that or continue.

By poking a whole in a fresh converse shoe, it looks fake, but now it that it looks naturally worn down, we can easily make holes.

Take your nail and stab it right into your shoe. You can either go through just the top layer of canvas, or go right through the lining (I did just through the canvas).

Remember, don't go crazy on it, and slowly make the whole wider. Going to fast is risky and looks unnatural.

Step 3: Cutting Threads

One thing that I did was cut the threads going around the shoe. Taking a knife or scissors will do the trick. While this probably couldn't happen in nature, I like the look. Adds character.

Step 4: Fraying the Shoe

With the sandpaper again, rub it over the threads so that the start to fray and look wild. You can also rub the sandpaper of the shoelaces LIGHTLY to make them fray. TOO MUCH WILL DESTROY THE SHOELACES as they aren't very strong. This can also scrape the metal eyelets easily.

Step 5: The Rubber

Rubber on shoes will naturally wear down, so we're going to take our sandpaper and scrap the rubber. This will scratch the rubber.

You can also make little knick's in the rubber parts for more character.

Obviously walking through dirty places will wear down rubber with dirt. You can also take grass and rub it on for grass stains.

Step 6: How to Fade Converse With No Tools

  1. Leave the shoe in the sun for days. The sun naturally bleaches things and the shoes will fade quick. Just set them in a sunny spot outside with no protection for at least 3 days and you will see changes.
  2. Wash them repetitively. Washing machines and getting them wet in general will fade the fabric too. Put them in a wash of clothes over and over again and they will fade out, making them look old.