Introduction: How to Make DODOCase VR Kit V 1.2 From Your Old V 1.1

About: Hack like an Egyptian!

DODOCase VR kit V 1.1 is not working with some cell phones because the some issues with the magnet button .

In this how to you will learn how to make the new capacitive touch DODOCase version V 1.2 that should work with all iphones and almost all android phones .

This hack made at the DODOCase build night at Cairo Hackerspace.

Step 1: Components Needed

You will only need basic stuff in this hack:

1- The sponge the usually come the ICs , Its some kind of a sponge that is good conductor I think.

2- A stick , we used a stick that came with the kit.

3- A small piece of electric wire .

Step 2: Make a Small Cut on the Right Side of the Kit That Can Fit the Stick.

Step 3: Sponge , Stick and the Wire

Glue the wire and the sponge to the stick and make sure that the wire is not isolated and connected to the sponge.

Step 4: Test!

Test the new modified stick to make sure it is working probably.

This hack should make the sponge act link your finger touch on any touch screen.

Your finger should be in contact with the uninsulated wire same as the sponge , the wire connecting you finger to the sponge and the sponge touches the screen .

Step 5: Put It Together

Step 6: Enjoy the Compatibility :)