Introduction: How to Make Dragonglass From Game of Thrones

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Today I want to show you this tutorial for make the Dragonglass from Game of thrones series!

It's really easy and the final result it's Amazing!

the idea behind this project it's the good propriety of the sugar, when you melt over 300 fahrenheit and after leave to cool you can see a good substitute of glass, in this case the color of the cola and the hight temperature make this caratteristic color, like Obsidian.

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Step 1: Moldable Clay

first you need a model for this tutorial.

I used this moldable clay, in my country the name it's DAS but you can find in every market, usually near the play and the toy category.

Step 2: Melt the Cola!

Pour the Sugar in a pan and melt with a little bit of cola, inside the cola there is a lot of colorant, this it's a good think for this project because this color it's the same of Dragonglass, the obsidian.

Get up the mixture over 300 Fahrenheit, don't care if you burned, it's a good thing, only you have a little difficulty after, when you get in the mold

Step 3: Cool Step

Set the Dragonglass-sugar in a fresh place and leave for 1 hour, after remove from the mold

Step 4: Protective Layer

Now one of the most important step.

Get a transparent nail polish or other paint and cover the piece of Dragonglass, this prevent the glass to get "sticky"

Step 5: One Last Things

after you can finish the work with a little Finishing touch, I get a cord from gunnysacks and used for make the Handle of the knife and a knot on the arrow.

Fix with a little drop of the glue and you're finish

Step 6: Finish!

Thank you so much for your attention!

If you want to see other project follow me on Youtube at this link: CLICK HERE


PS: The last episode of Game of Thrones of 5 Season Shock me, if I wrote something Wrong it's for this reason :D :D :D

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