How to Make Duke Nukem's M1911 Pistol

Introduction: How to Make Duke Nukem's M1911 Pistol

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Hail to the King with this Duke Tutorial.

To make his M1911 Pistol, you'll need:
Rust-oleum Universal metallic Gold Paint
Rust-oleum Unviersal gloss Black Paint
A Toy Gun
Some Cotton Buds
Paintbrushes X2

Step 1: Starting Off With the Gold.

Start by grabbing some scissors, and cutting off the knob at the end of the pistol.

taking one Paintbrush, open your gold and painting the Top half of your pistol Gold
TAKE NOTE: The Paint you're using is also a Primer, so Apply a thin layer of Primer to your gun before adding the Gold, use the Gold lightly and not too heavily for a nice shiny look.
Lay your Pistol on Something Flat, holding it upright the same way mine is.

Remember to Paint both sides Gold!

Step 2: The Secondary Colour, Black

This is arguably the hardest part of the Project, considering you need to get into small spots.
Do the same with the Black as you did with the Gold but along the Gold/Black border, use a Cotton Bud to neatly get into the tight areas of the pistol. Use a Cotton Bud again to paint the Sights Black, just be extra cautious doing this.

Use your second Paintbrush to Paint the Handle black.

Leave it to dry.

remember to do the other side too!

Step 3: Decals

Now depending on if you intend to use it with the Cosplay (i'll link the tutorial sometime next week)
you're gonna need to use Decals to show it's Fake.
I've supplied 3 Decals,
1. A nukem logo
2. A (smaller) nukem logo
3. A Duke Nukem Forever logo

Step 4: The Finishing Touch, the Laser Pointer

Now all that's left is the Laser pointer on his pistol.
Buy a cheap laser pointer, paint it Black and then spuerglue it to the bottom. but that's optional.

other than that, you're done.
now go kick some ass!

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