How to Make Erza Scarlet's Earrings

Introduction: How to Make Erza Scarlet's Earrings

Hello again beautiful people!!

This instructable is to show you how to make the earrings of Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet. This is really fun and easy and it won't take more than 2 hours to finish!

((DISCLAIMER: All rights to "Fairy Tail" the anime and the manga go to its creator Hiro Mashima and TV Tokio))

You will need:

- A pair of small silver hoop earrings
- A small piece of poster board (it's harder than regular paper, thinner than cardboard, and it's very light!)
- Metallic silver or chrome spray paint
- Cutter
- UHU or any other all-purpose adhesive
- Steel ruler
- Pencil

Step 1: Draw the Template

Now the first thing we have to do is to make the template. The basic shape of the earring is a 3D-diamond shape, which consists of 8 triangles, 4 small ones that make up the top part and 4 long ones that make up the bottom part.

Those earrings will be tiny, so be gentle, patient and careful when you draw the template, it should all be exactly according to measurements!!

The first picture shows what the template should look like, it looks a bit odd but it works!! It was a trial and error process of course, but you should end up with something like this. When you take the measurements, keep in mind the proportions of your own face, how long do you want those earrings to be? And make them the way you see fit. In my template the long triangles are 3 cm and the short triangles are 8 mm, but as I said, you can change those to your liking.

But measurements are CRUCIAL!! You MUST get the exact measurements on each side. The second picture shows that the edges of the same color will be glued together and therefore MUST have the same exact length. So, same color = same length.

You need two of those!

Step 2: Gluing the Pieces

After you've drawn your template and double checked the measurements, you can cut out the net using your steel ruler and cutter, or scissors if you prefer that. Be careful, this piece is really tiny, so be careful and patient when you are cutting the board.

Poster board is really great for this, because it's harder than regular paper, so it will keep its shape. It's also really light and the pieces will be hollow on the inside so your ears won't hurt if you wear those earrings for a long period of time as opposed to earrings made out of metal or any other heavy material. It's also really easy to glue together and will give you a clean result after gluing!

Using your steel ruler, bend the triangles towards the inside on the edges, this crease will make it easier to bend them into shape. Then take your UHU and put just a small amount on the edges and hold them tightly until they are glued together. Do the same to both pieces until you get your beautiful little 3-D cardboard diamonds!

After that's done, poke a small hole through the top of the diamond shape you just made and make sure it goes out the other side as well, this is where the hoop earrings will go.

You will end up with something that looks like this in the picture, courtesy of google images.
(The link:

Step 3: Painting!

Now of course, there are many different colors of poster board or cardboard available, you can find silver, glossy or matte silver colors. If those are available you can skip this step. If you can't find those colors, you can simply get white poster board (since white takes paint better) and metallic silver or chrome spray paint. The one on the right is what I used.

So a few important tips for spray painting, keep the object at a distance when you spray it, you don't want it too close otherwise you'll end up with lumpy tear-drop paint that will look terrible. Also, get lots and lots of newspapers to cover the area you'll be painting in, preferably outdoors, since you don't want to inhale all that spray. Don't wear your favorite shirt because there is a big chance you will get dirty, gloves and goggles if it's windy because you will get paint in your eyes if the wind is mean enough!

Also, make sure to test the spray paint out on a small piece of cardboard just to check if it's safe to use, it's also a good idea to test the colors before you actually start to paint the real thing.

Another tip is to put a small needle through the hole we made in the small cardboard pieces, just to prevent the paint from closing it up when it's dry, but that's not really an issue!

So after laying newspapers everywhere, you place the pieces on them and spray it from a distance with the silver paint on one side, wait a bit till it dries and turn it over to the other side and repeat that until you've painted it completely.

This shouldn't take more than 10 minutes for the paint to completely dry, since the cardboard will absorb the paint.

After it's dry, you can take your hoop earrings and simply slide them through the hole you made earlier.

AND IT'S DONE!! You have finished your earrings!! Wasn't that fun?

Step 4: Conclusion

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, it was fun for me to make this and I hope it would be the same for all the brave souls who attempt it.
But one last piece of advice, hard work pays off. This will be exhausting and time consuming and at times even frustrating. But if you want it to look perfect you have to give it all the effort and time you can possibly afford, and when you see your final result, you will be blown away!

Again, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me here or email me at ( )

A million thanks to all of you who took the time to read my instructables and give me feedback, I hope this helped you all even in the smallest ways, I am truly grateful.

And hopefully we will be seeing each other again in future projects! Until then,

Lots of love,

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    very very thanks for these tutorial because of these i completed my erza scarlet cosplay collection! yay! many thanks

    I was really looking for how to make the earrings! How wonderful, thank you! I will do them!

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    I love all of your Erza Scarlet tutorials! Your time and effort in the entire project really paid off, and the whole outfit looks gorgeous. ;)