How to Make Fantastic Fudge Crumble

Introduction: How to Make Fantastic Fudge Crumble

Have you ever tried to make fudge and it came out gloopy? Well now you can make Fudge Crumble with it. 

Step 1: Ingrediants

Gloopy Fudge*        -200g 
Shortbread               -8 sticks
Butter                        -50g
Instant Cookie mix
tbsp of water


2  bowls
1  spoon
1  rolling pin 
1  oven tray

(* to make gloopy fudge stop cooking it when it is gloopy-ish :P)

Note: This instructable does not tell you how to make fudge

Step 2: Making Cookie Base

When you have all your ingrediants its time for the fun part.

Start by putting the oven on gas mark 5 and adding the instant cookie mix, butter and water into a bowl and grease the tray. Then mix with hands until a non-sticky bowl. Slap your dough onto the oven tray and thin it out until it covers the hole tray. Remember the dough has to be thin or it wont be as good. Put the try in the oven for about 9-13 minuets.

Step 3: Making the 'Crumble'

For the crumble we are using shortbread

Snap the shortbread in half (its easier to crumble then) and chuck in the bowl.
Now take your rolling pin and using the handle, smash the short bread into tiny piecies. 

Step 4: Now to Add These Together

You have almosed made this fudge crumble! All that is left is to put everything together.

Its time to use the fudge! Take the spoon and spread the fudge around the base until completly covered. Sprinkle the crumble over the fudge until no more fudge is viewable.... And you're done!

I have finally finished making first instructable! I hope you enjoy making this as I did

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    I'm lost. Just lost. Wandering around in instructable heaven... I never even dreamed of an Instructable contest for candy. I don't want to wake up now.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    So, does this have cookie on the bottom (cookie mix + butter + water), fudge in the middle and crumbled shortbread on top? Delicious :)

    If you put chocolate on top it might be a bit like millionaire's shortbread... even more delicious!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yes it is cookie, fudge and crumbled shortbread on top :) thanks for the nice comment