Introduction: How to Make High Voltage Capacitor for Tesla Coil

This is my instructable on DIY HV Capacitors and how to make them.

Please follow all instructions step-by-step if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Step 1: What Do You Need to Make HV Cap?

All what you need is :

  2. kitchen aluminium foil,
  3. electrical wire
  4. electrical tape

Tools for the job:

  1. scissors
  2. wire cutters

Yes,that is all what you need and most of the things you can find at home or buy very cheaply :)

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Step 2: How It Look Inside.

You can make it in just few minutes and it is very easy :)

Here you have basic design how capacitor look inside helpfully it will help you to understand how to do our

HV capacitor.

Step 3: Almost Done :)

Now what you need to do is just adding layers one on top of the other and dont forget to attach wires to each layer of aluminium ,first strip insulation and connect them with electrical tape .

Step 4: High Voltage Capacitor.

Now you have high voltage capacitor for your High Voltage experiments.

My capacitor reach value of 1300pF and can easily work with voltage around 50,000 volt and above in fact I never manage to damage them . For me they are one of the best capacitors.

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Just to give example what I do with my capacitors: