Introduction: How to Make Knife and Sword Easy

In this Instructable I will
be showing you how to make a metal Knife, and a metal Sword. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of me making the sword, but I do have of me making the knife due to the fact that the knife was made after the sword. However you can still make the sword by following the same instructions for the knife but you would just have to increase the size.

For this project you will need:

Metal Conduit (The length depends on whether you are making a sword or knife, remember this will include your handle.)

Copper T-piece

Small length of copper pipe

Electrical Tape

Glue (Preferably fast drying)


Bench Vice/Hammer


Hammer and Nail/ Drill

All of these items can be found at your local hardware store.

This project is relatively easy and does not require any metalworking skill.

Step 1: Preparing the Blade

Get your piece of metal conduit and have it at the ready. Decide whether you
will be making a knife or sword and cut to the desired length, remembering to include space for the handle. Put your hand or hands to the edge of the pipe and use the pencil to mark where the handle will end and the blade will start.

Once you have done that take the pencil to the other end of the pipe( not the one where you marked the handle.) Draw a line from the edge of the blade at the top down and across to make an angled line (Look at the pictures for assistance). Cut along the angled line that you have made, with the hacksaw, as this will create the tip of the blade.

Once you have done this you are now ready to move on to the 2nd step.

Step 2: Flattening the Blade

Take your piece of metal conduit and flatten against the angle, there is 2 ways of doing this (look at pictures for assistance) :

Way 1:

Insert the piece of metal conduit into the bench vice (do this so that the piece that you cut out is facing upwards, look at picture). Tighten the bench vice as tight as possible so that the metal conduit is squeezed flat, do this all the way up until the handle mark that you made earlier with the pencil. When you take it out of the bench vice you will now see that it looks like a rough blade with handle. After this I placed the blade flat against a brick (you could use any hard flat surface) and hammered it so that the blade became thinner.

Way 2:

Like in way 1 where at the end you hammered it flat against a hard surface, in way 2 you will do that for the entire blade against the section that you cut out (look at the pictures)

Once you have done this and you are happy with your blade you can move onto the third step.

Step 3: Making the Grip and Pommel

Get your electrical tape and copper t-piece at the ready.

Go to the handle of your blade (the part you did not flatten).

Wrap this entire part in electrical tape for the grip.

Depending on the t-piece that you have, you will either stick it over the edge of the handle, or you will stick it inside the handle (that is what I did).

Whichever way you are sticking it on secure it in place with your glue and warp a little electrical tape around it to secure it a bit more.

Once you have done this you are ready to move onto the fourth and final step.

Step 4: Making the Cross Guard

This step is probably the most difficult in the whole project, but do not let that stop you.

Get your piece of copper pipe and using the hacksaw cut it to a length that you think is appropriate for the size of your blade (remember this is the part that goes on the blade above your hand so make it a decent length).

Measure the width of your blade, and then mark a line that length on your copper pipe so that there is an even amount on each side.

This is where the tricky part comes in. Use your hammer and nail/drill (I think that the hammer and nail works better but the drill does the job just the same). Along the line that you have drawn make a line of holes all the way through the pipe (look at the pictures). When this is done you can put the nail in and break the little pieces between the holes. When this is done you will have 2 long slits in the pipe opposite each other. Slide the blade through these slits up until the handle.

When you get to the handle, glue it in place and then wrap a little tape around the cross guard.

Flatten the edges of it like you did to the blade.

You are now done with your sword or knife.

This project can be completed within one day.

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