How to Make Ledge Hanger

Introduction: How to Make Ledge Hanger

The Ledge Hanger is a prop that will allow anyone to add seemingly floating objects to any animation you can come up with

The instructable will teach you how to make a Ledge Hanger

Step 1: Tools You'll Need

You'll need 1 standard ruler, 1 standard measuring tape, some graph paper, a quarter inch rod and a 3-D printer    

Step 2: Design You Ledge Hanger

First: get the measurment of the ledge you plan to work with
Second: draw blueprints
Third: design on a 3-D design software 
Fourth: transfer to a 3-D printing software

Step 3: Start Printing

Start printing

Step 4: Then Wait

and wait, and wait, and wait

Step 5: Almost There

Once the printing is finished remove the support

Step 6: Your Finished

and your done

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