Introduction: How to Make Mickey Mouse Cupcake and Cake Toppers

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A simple way how to make Mickey Mouse cupcake toppers without any special tools!

Enjoy our simple tutorials:

Step 1: Tools Used to Make Mickey Mouse Cupcake Toppers:

– 2 round cutters (4.5cm & 2.5cm in diameter-use a bottle cap, or
anything of such size if you don’t have 2.5cm round cutter)

– Rolling pin

– Black fondant

– Red fondant

– White/yellow fondant

– Knife

– Some Icing sugar to flour the surface & fondant

Step 2: Note:

To make one cupcake topper you will need about

– 12 grams black fondant

– 2 grams red fondant

– Tiny bit of white/yellow/cream fondant Black fondant is quite soft so it might need longer time to set. Also when too hot in your house, you might want to add an extra day or two in order to set properly.

Step 3: Watch the Video for This Tutorial:

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