Introduction: How to Make Miss La Sen Handmade Card

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Miss La Sen handmade card is easy to do.

Step 1: Can Use This Pattern to Draw or Cut Out the Elements on the Art Papers to Glue on the Card.

Step 2: Take an A4 Blue Art Paper and Fold It Into 2 Parts.

Step 3: Take an A5 Yellow Art Paper and Use Zig Zag Scissors to Cut the Edges.

Step 4: ​Use the White Glue to Glue Zig Zag Yellow Paper Onto the Blue Paper.

Draw Miss a Sen pattern on the yellow paper or you can cut out the elements in the Miss La Sen pattern, draw on the other art papers and cut out them.

Step 5: Cut Out the Dot Brown Ribbon.

Cut out a rectangle via zig zag scissors. Use brush and water color to paint the edges of this rectangle. Glue the brown ribbon onto the yellow art paper and then glue the zig zag rectangle onto the ribbon.

Step 6: ​Use the Embroidery Thread and Needle to Sew the Hearts.

Make a ribbon on the top of the card. Use the Fineliner to calk the Miss La Sen image.

Step 7: You Can Write the Letters on the Zig Zag Rectangle.