Introduction: How to Make Mituna's Skateboard ~ Homestuck



Cleaning Item


A Lot of Paper Towels


Stainless Steel Cleaner (Not necessary)


Black Spray Paint (Depends on color of skateboard)

Yellow Spray Paint (Depends on color of skateboard)

Step 1: Cleaning Your Skateboard

Depending how old and used up your skateboard is, the longer its going to take to clean. Anyways the first thing you want to do is put some soap on the skateboard

Step 2: Get an Old Used Up Toothbrush to Get in the Cracks

I have a penny board and as you can see in the picture penny boards have little cracks that allows dirt to get in. So I decided to use a toothbrush. If you don't then that's totally fine. you can use whatever that blue thing is called up there..that works just as fine.

Step 3: Washing Off the Soap

Now after scrubbing and getting all the dirt off its time to wash it off. Now you can try to be neat and use a little cup to wash off the soap to try not to make a mess. Yeah that didn't work for me so I just put it in the dish sink and it quickly got the soap off. (If you're afraid of getting the trunks wet don't worry about it in a few steps you'll see why)

Step 4: Washing the Bottom and the Wheels of the Skateboard

Now it's time to clean the bottom and the wheels of the board. I know everyone says to not get your skateboard wet because it will rust the trunks and all that. Look metal rusts after a period of time and after it continues getting wet and dries on it's me this won't rust your skateboard. Anyways now you're going to flip your skateboard over and clean it.

Step 5: Drying the Skateboard

Now after all of the cleaning is over it's time to dry it and make sure it's clean. Now you have to make sure that your skateboard is very dry because that's when it will rust. So don't be lazy...

Step 6: Cleaning the Steel (recommended Outside)

Alright remember what I said in step 3....This is why you don' have to worry about your skateboard rusting. You are going to first get the steel cleaner and clean the dirt that you couldn't while washing. After that use WD-40 to make 100% sure that it won't rust. I know I didn't have the red straw that comes with the WD-40 ...that's because I didn't know where it went so if you think that it went all over the place don't be afraid to get a paper towel and clean some of it I did.

Step 7: Taping and Spray Painting the Top and Bottom of the Skateboard

I recommend using a reference picture of Mituna's skateboard online....As you all know he has his skateboard in his hive so I found a picture of the top part of his skateboard and used that as a guide. My skateboard was already yellow so I just needed black spray paint. But anyways I taped the top of the skateboard first. After I did the bottom taped the bottom using artfulimpersonator's (they are youtubers and if you love homestuck you should totally check them out) skateboard bottom as a reference. Then I took it outside and spray painted it.. Yes painting the trunks and wheels can mess them up....once again just use WD-40.


Yep you now have a totally awesome and radical skateboard that you can ride on! YAY!!!! :D

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