Introduction: How to Make [Perfect] Popcorn Over a Campfire

We all love S'mores. That messy, delicious ship has sailed. So what else can one make next to the warm, smoky blaze?
Popcorn, of course!
You might have tried Jiffy Pop before; you put the pan over the fire, shake it, and popcorn pops inside the aluminum dome. This is the same idea except it's homemade, a bit bigger, and nixes the three grams of trans fat per serving. (Isn't that illegal?!)
I call it Fire Pop. You can call it what you want, but nothing completes a bonfire night like popcorn. So try this easy project out for a crunchy, salty, late-night snack perfect for sharing or inhaling by yourself!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
- Popcorn 
- Oil
- Salt (optional, and any other seasonings you like)
- Pie pan
- Wire hanger
- Scissors
- Stapler
- Aluminum foil

Step 2: Measuring

First, pull off a sheet of aluminum foil that is about  twice as long as the pan.
Cut off the corners so that you have a big circle of foil. It doesn't have to be exactly 2 pi in circumference; you're going to crumple the edges anyway. 
Bend the circle and fold over the edges at the edges of the pie pan; creating a tent. I thought it was easiest to do this on opposite sides at a time. Just making four equally spaced folds helps measure where to staple later on. Set the foil aside.
Pour about 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels to the pan, and add a few tablespoons of oil. Sprinkle in salt. After this step it's important to keep the pan generally upright so you don't spill the oil.

Step 3: Construction

Replace the foil, and fold the edges back over the pan. Staple the folds to the pan, and then continue folding the rest of the foil and stapling every few inches until the dome is sealed all the way around the pan. It's easier done than said.

Step 4: You Can Handle It

To make a handle, bend the hanger into a square that will fit around the pie pan. Use small strips of foil to fold around the hanger and around the pan edge at the hook and bottom ends of the hanger, and staple.

Step 5: Pop It!

Once your fire is going, find a good place to hold the pan- where it's hot but not in the fire, and there's room for shaking. 
Keep the pan over the fire using the handle- you can use gloves, switch hands every so often, trade off with someone else, or even hold it with a S'mores stick to keep from getting too hot.
When you hear the popcorn start to sizzle, shake the pan steadily to prevent burning.
The popcorn will pop until you can't hear the kernels shaking around anymore- this is when it's done. 
Take it off the fire, let cool a little if you want to be safe,  poke the top with something to open and enjoy!

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