Introduction: How to Make Skewer Arrows

This is how to make skewer arrows for like Knex Bows.... I did not make Bow. Willbags did.

Step 1: This Is What You Need!

You will need a knife... something dull maybe like a butter knife? Dont use a rigid one unless you want to cut yourself.. =l, a broken (or one u want to cut) Rubber band Tape, and a skewer!

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the end of the skewer with the knife. Make it go a little far down.

Step 3: Finishing Time! =D

Next, put the rubber band in the cut you made. Cut the sides of it so that they are short. Then tape it all around the skewer. dont make the tape on it to think, or it wont be able to get through small holes, depending on how small of a hole on your bow is.

Putting the rubber bands in it is toso that the cut will stay open making it easier to put the string/rubberband in it.

Step 4: Your Finished!

Now just load the arrow up on your Knex bow,or what ever kind of bow you have, and FIRE!

Be careful, dont shoot at animals or people. This is not a toy. You can poke somones eye out or hurt them. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Have fun with your bow and arrows! :D