Introduction: How to Make Strawberry Kool-Aid.

How to make a nice refreshing strawberry Kool-Aid for you and your family or friends.

Step 1: Materials:

Sugar (whatever brand you like)
A Big Spoon
lime juice or half a lime
Bag of Ice 
A Cup

Step 2: Filling the Pitcher

Fill your pitcher half way up with water .
It doesn't matter where you get your water from.

Step 3: The Mix

Now you add your strawberry or cherry flavored mix.

Step 4: Just Keep Mixing

And now you pour in the sugar, the amount is up to you.
You might want to start off by filling a measuring cup up half way, and if you need to add more if not then don't.

Step 5: Stir It

if you want to this is the time when you add in the lime or little bit of lime juice.

If your using a lime just cut it in half and squeeze the juice into your Kool-Aid, don't just throw it in their.

Step 6: Put Your Spoon in It

Now stir all your mixes together.!

Step 7: Ice It!

Add all the ice you want to keep it cool.

Step 8: Now Test It.

See how it taste if its just to your liking. 

Step 9: The End

Now if you like it keep it,

if you don't throw it.