How to Make the "Comfy" Stand

Introduction: How to Make the "Comfy" Stand

The picture above was a prototype. It was a bit uneven. But even though the it was crooked it was perfect for every device. I tried so many diffrent cellphones, PDA,iPhones, and iPods. Everytime it stood still up :) So I wanted to show you how to make :) I AM USING SMACK DOW VS. RAW 2011.
Your going to be needing somethings,like
Old cds
Krazy Glue 
Optional spray paint.

Step 1: Heat Wins

So heat wins this round. Take a cd and put it over a stove. Make sure you have water nearby. After about 15 second take it and directly put it in water but before mold it a bit if uneven. This should make a curve in your cd. :)

Step 2: CD in Size

Cut dow your cd down both sides. And the curve.

Step 3: The Top

You can now start the top part. The piece that you cut of of the the bent cd is to be used. Cut this is to the shape you want and place it in the middle of the other cd. This piece should have a curve on it too. After that take your glue and glue it together.I used pliers to clamp it down.

Step 4: Stable

Make three pieces to hold down your device. Glue both of them together and put the just below the circle. And 1 of the pieces need to be from the actual cd. Bend it and glue that also.

Step 5: The Comfort.

Your electronis are gonna be needing comfort so get some tissues and glue the together and put them on the spots you need them. I put mine near the stabling area and the other one on the "stem" or the top.

Step 6: Base

Take another cd and glue it under the stand. Just to make it stable. Also after this you can spray paint it.

Step 7: DONE.

Your done also when I was playing games I picked it up and if you want you can also play with it. Its comfy! ENJOY =D

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