Introduction: How to Make Threaded Flower Crystal Ring Tutorial

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Here is a tutorial suitable for beginners who’d like to explore and learn making wire jewelry.

Materials & Tools:
18” 16ga copper wire
1 x 6mm dia black onyx
10 x 3mm dia Swarovski bicone crystals
Needle nose pliers
Mandrel or any rounded object
Wire cutter

Step 1:

Thread the black onyx in the centre of the wire followed by 4 Swarovski bicone crystals at on end.

Step 2:

Make a clockwise turn on the wire with bicones and continue threading the rest of the Swarovski crystals.

Step 3:

Then shape the wire around the round onyx.

Step 4:

After shaping the wire, thread the wire into the joint as shown in this picture.

Step 5:

Pull the wire to form nice cycle and tidy the shape.

Step 6:

Position the cluster of crystals onto the mandrel. Holding the cluster with your thumb, wrap one wire end twice around the mandrel, ending where you began. Repeat for the second wire end.

Step 7:

Remove the ring from the mandrel, and test fit to your finger. Tighten or loosen the wire loops to adjust the inside diameter of the ring.

Step 8:

Once the ring is adjusted, bend the wire tails at a 90-deg. angle away from the ring. Form one wire tail into a curve and wrap it onto the ring frame. Wrap the wire around the ring frame three to four times, winding toward to bead. Repeat the step for the other side.

Step 9:

Cut the wire tails close to the ring frame and smooth the ends with emery cloth. Use needle nose pliers to crimp the windings. You now have your Threaded Flower Crystal Ring!

I hope you learned something from this short tut and happy with your new creation. We have a detailed pictoral step by step tutorial for the ring and you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE at DIY