Introduction: How to Make Twisty the Clown's Mask

This tutorial will show you how to make a mask inspired by Twisty the clown from the tv show American horror story! :)

(I apologise for any mistakes in my English, I am from Belgium)

Step 1: You Will Need...

-Black, beige and cherry red Fimo clay (or any other kind of polymer clay)

-A sharp knife, a toothpick or a needle

-Black and copper brown paint (or crushed chalk)

-Paint brushes

-Dollar store plaster mask

-Tin foil


-Hot glue gun or blue tack


-Polymer clay Polish or clear nail polish

-Red food coloring

Step 2:

Start by cutting the mask right beneath the cheekbone and trim off the excess if necessary (my mask was very large, I had to trim off a lot of plaster).

If needed, make a quick drawing of Twisty's mouth (make sure it fits the mask).

Take half of your beige clay and roll it out. Cut out each tooth (as shown in the pictures), then soften the edges with the stick of your paintbrush.

Step 3: Adding Details...

Carve small indents with a needle in each tooth and lightly paint the corner of the teeth with copper brown paint. Use a thiner brush to darken the edges with black paint.

Step 4:

Mix a little bit of beige clay with cherry red clay, roll it into a big snake then flatten the clay.

Wrap the base of each tooth in red clay to sculpt the gum. Then, trim off the excess clay.

Use black and brown paint to darken the gum until it looks creepy enough! :)

Step 5:

Make a long snake with the black clay. Sculpt the lips by lightly pressing the clay with your thumbs as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Bake the Clay (follow Manufacturer's Instructions)

(Tips: Fold a sheet of tin foil into a curved shape (just the same size as your mask) so the mouth will bake slightly curved.)

Step 7: Finishing Touch

For this last step, I glued the mouth to the mask with some blue tack and I glazed it with clear nail polish. Then, I added a few drops of food colouring around the gum and let it dry. I also added some black paint around each tooth and I lightly painted the mask (using a dry brush).

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