How to Make a 3D Jack O' Lantern

Introduction: How to Make a 3D Jack O' Lantern

I made this instructable for 3D Creation Systems Jack o' Lantern challenge.This 3d model is made in 3ds max.Some models are also made in 123D. I tried to make a 3d Jack O' Lantern family.I hope you will like this.Please vote If you liked it.

Step 1: Creating Scene and Models

First of all start by creating models in 3ds max. You can also make models in 123D app.Now,when you finished creating models,set up the scene accordingly. Here I am making a boy sleeping in the bed and jack o' lantern family is watching him.Jack o' lantern is related to Halloween,so i thought to create this type of scene.You can also select a single model for printing it.

Step 2: Add Lights and Set Illumination Level

Now add lights to the scene.You can add one inside the jack o' lantern and one in background.Set illumination levels.

Step 3: Make More Arrangements and Check for Details.

You can add cameras and environment in the scene.Try to make scene look better.Create and check for details.

Step 4: Render and Use.

Render the scene and use it.You can either 3d print a single model and use it in animation.You can also make a Halloween card using rendered  image,but don't forget to save the image.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    well done i liked should probably win this challenge good luck