Introduction: How to Make a 3D Mario Coin Box!

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After Searching for so long for a pattern that I couldn't find, I decided to try and make my own. After 4 hard and frustrating attempts, I managed, I think it turned out pretty well. So here I am... Ready to share this tutorial with you! Hope you Enjoy it!

For this you Will NEED:

Perler beads
-Light brown
-Random colour for bottom (Colour you dont use that much and wont miss if used up) 

The bottom is optional, you can do it black but I chose to do it Blue because it was a colour i didn't use often, and i wouldn't miss it if it were gone.  I didn't use brown or black because I use those too much and you cant see the bottom so it would be a waste. 

You will also need:
-Ironing Paper
-one LARGE Square pegboard
*Optional* Tweezers 

Step 1: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 1

Here is the pattern.  

Step 2: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 2

This is the other three Sides!

Step 3: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 3


When Ironing the sides make sure you go in a circle motion, Only iron for 30 seconds!

if you over iron the beads will not lock together! you DONT want the holes to close completely, 
once thats done flip it over and iron again for 10 seconds just to give it strength! 

Place all the pieces under a Flat heavy surface so they do not bend! this part is very important! 

Step 4: How to Make a 3D Mario Box Part 4

Piece the pieces together, it's like a puzzle but they should go together with ease. 

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