Introduction: How to Make a A/B Box

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Learn how to make a amp selector box.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:

-Soldering iron w/ rosin core solder
-Drill w/ bits
-Phillips Screwdriver
-Electrical tape

1x Project Box
1x DPDT switch
3x 1/4 Mono jacks
and wire.

Step 2: Preparing the Box

*You should go ahead and plug in you soldering iron so it can heat up.

Take you project box (i used a plastic one from radio shack, if you use a metal one you'll need to insulate the inside of the box with electrical tape) and drill a hole on the lid of it.
Then, turn the box on its side and drill another hole for the 1/4 jack.
do the same to the other side.
then, drill a hole on the top of the box for the 3rd 1/4 jack.

Now your box is all ready.

Step 3: Wiring Time!

Now to start the wiring,
Follow this diagram.
*All you have to do is connect the Tip on output A jack to the 1st and 6th prong on the DPDT switch.
*Next, connect the tip of the Input jack to the 3rd prong on the DPDT switch.
*Then, connect the tip on the Output B jack to the 5th and 2nd prongs on the DPDT switch.
*Finally, connect the sleeve of Output A to the sleeve of the Input Jack, And then connect the input sleeve to the sleeve of the Output B jack and finally connect that to the 4th prong on the DPDT switch.

Now, the wirings done :)

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now its time to house the pedal.
After you do that, you can paint the pedal with acrillics or whatever else you want to pant it with.
(if youre going to spray paint it, do it before you house the box)
Then seal the box back up.
Ta-da, youre all done.

  • Time to try out your new A/B box.