Introduction: How to Make a Beautiful Time-Lapse

  In this Instructable I will be showing you how to take an amazing time-lapse.
I will tell you about the best wind conditions and settings. 

1. Please Watch The Time-Lapse Video Above To See If This Is What You Are Looking For.

1.5. You need a time-lapse function on your camcorder/camera. 

2. Choose a day with a blue sky and thick white clouds, this will make sure you can really see the movement of the sky.

3. Go to your settings and select time-lapse.

4. It should give you the option 1 photo per...  The best choice is 1 photo every 3 seconds. This isn't too fast or too slow. So you wont get bored watching time fly by.

5. Set your camcorder/cameras ISO setting to 400 (My camcorder has ISO auto, 800, 1600 so I assume auto is 400). A low ISO stops the photos being grainy.

6. Set your Camcorder/Camera on a tripod either outside or pointing out a clear window. If your camcorder/camera is not water proof then I advise not putting it outside unless you are sure it wont get wet.

7. Make sure your camcorder/camera is not facing an eye sore such as someone sunbathing in their garden.

8. Make sure your camcorder/camera is fully charged (I suppose I should have mentioned that at the start).

9. Now here's the tricky bit... press RECORD. Ok not so hard really. 

10. Now just go and watch tv or something while your camcorder/camera speeds up time.

11. I advise RECORDING for about two hours or longer.

Check out my video. ( and like I said earlier don't make the mistake I made pointing it over someone's garden where you can see them hanging up washing).

(Wide angle lens is best)

Watch The Video Above To See The Results