How to Make a Big Hero 6: "Yokai" Costume

Introduction: How to Make a Big Hero 6: "Yokai" Costume

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"You're going to watch everything you built disappear! And then it's your turn!.." - Yokai

Every movie about super heroes needs a super villain right? well, i aim to please ::insert diabolical laugh:: MUHAHAHAH!!! .. My friends attended the 2015 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo as the Big Hero 6 team. Time was running very short and everyone thought i would not have time to build something spectacular for myself. However, I couldn't be left out, so i decided to surprise the group as Yokai, the masked villain. As they were posing, i came through the crowd and yelled.."Either you die a hero... or you live long enough to become the villain" .. and then i unmasked myself in front of everyone. i'd say that's a pretty epic entrance!

well, are you ready to cause some trouble? let's get started then!

*The costume itself does not involve much building.. technically you could just buy a masquerade mask if you wanted to go a cheaper route


-Balaclava (ebay)

-Black track jacket w/ Silver zipper

-black trench coat

-black leather gloves

-black dress pants

-grey strips of fabric

-black loafers


-hot glue

-EVA foam

-acrylic paint

-mascarade mask

-craft foam

-yellow sunglass lenses


Step 1: Clothing

1. Put on your black pants and shoes.

2. Found my black track jacket at target. I replaced the zipper with a silver one to be more accurate to the character (pic 1)

3. Take your grey strips of fabric and wrap around each of your shins (pic 2)

4. I had a LONG black jacket that i purchased from Hot topic several years ago. If you don't have something, a black trench coat would be comparable (pic 3

5. Put on your black gloves and balaclava (pic 4 and 5)

Step 2: Mask

1) Grab your mask and start adding craft foam to make the base. (pic 1)

2). use paper to draw out your template and then cut it out of craft foam

3) Hot glue directly onto the mask (Pic 2)

4) cover the mask with worbla (Pic 3,4,5)

5) paint with acrylic paint (white, black, and red)

6) glue the sunglass lenses rom the inside. (pic 6)

7) Secure with elastic (pic 7)

8) SELFIE!!!

Step 3: Optional: Microbot Hand

I thought the costume was a bit plain, so i wanted to incorporate the microbots somehow. I decided a giant microbot hand would be a good prop

1) I cut out a giant hand out of cardboard

2) Build up the fingers with more cardboard (pic 1)

3) Paint the cardboard hand with black paint

4) make LOTS of microbots out of EVA scraps. (pic 2)

5) Glue each one on the hand (pic 3)

6) add a strap onto the other side so you can hold it with your actual hand. (pic 4)

Step 4: Finished!

That should it be for Yokai. it's a fairly comfortable costume in comparison to the rest of the big hero 6 team. This costume isn't the best "stand alone" costume.. Best used when in a group. Enjoy and cosplay on!!!

Find me on Facebook,instagram, and tumblr for more current projects and as always, thank you for the support!

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    6 years ago

    Grimm mask


    7 years ago

    Awesome. Wish I had had more time could have dress like this for Halloween


    Reply 7 years ago

    there's always next year. i'll post up my baymax tutorial soon. you can be him and your kid can be hiro