Introduction: Pocket Sling (sling Rocks Over 100 Feet)

Ah the sling, a primitive weapon still used to this day. In the ancient days, the Romans used this weapon as a siege weapon for naval battles and land battles alike. The sling is mentioned throughout history including the Bible.
-This is a simple way to make this fantastic weapon costing less than 5 dollars.

In this instructable we will go through the process of making an all leather sling.


-scrap leather - can be found at the dump on an old leather couch or pocketbook or bought for around 3 dollars

-leather lace - can be found at craft stores for as little as 99 cents

-Altoids tin - 99cents

= about $4.98 before tax




-board to hammer on


-pencil with graph paper

***************SLINGING IS DANGEROUS so be careful*********************

Step 1: Make the Pouch

It helps to make a pattern on graph paper.

1) make a rectangle 5"x2.5"
2) make points how I show in the picture
3) connect the lines a-b c-d e-f g-h
make holes .25 inches into the shape
4) cut it out (no picture)
5) trace it with a pencil onto the leather
6) cut out the leather

picture 7- done for this step

-Save the paper pattern in case you want to make another sling afterward.

Step 2: Make Some Holes

Use the nail and hammer to punch holes for the lace.

1) -line up the paper template with the leather cut out over the board
2) -hammer holes in the two dots
3) -take out the nails and then admire how much easier that step was

Make sure you nail on the board.

Step 3: Add Lace

Get your leather lace.
1) Cut two lengths of lace that extend from the tip of your fingers to your foot while letting your arms down.
-a lengthy explanation for something so simple, so look at the pictures if you are confused.
2) Next tie knots like a figure eight to the pouch.
3) Make a bowline knot with the loop about the size of your pinky.
4) Put the loop on your pinky then hold the other lace.
5) Tie a knot that when held, makes the pouch level.

***check pictures***

Step 4: Use

Put the bowline on your pinky and hold the knot.
Place a rock (I demonstrate with an eraser) in the leather, swing the sling around, then let go of the knot.
To store/carry fold the pouch, wrap the lace around it, then place into an altoids tin or directly into your pocket!.

-Timing is everything so concentrate and use common sense.
-There are many techniques for slinging. Check online on,, or

For farther slinging make the laces longer.

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