Introduction: How to Make a Bluetooth Speaker

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UPDATE 8/9/16

This project is now in kit order form on

Hi, Welcome to my instructable!

Today Ill teach you how to build a DIY Bluetooth speaker. Its extremely easy to make, and great for anyone learning electronics. The best part is you dont need any past experience with electronics! This project is great to practice your soldering skills (Mine clearly need work) and is very fun to use.

I started this project after a nearby neighbor threw away a perfectly good piece of acrylic! Who does that?! Anyway, I recylcled the sheet into a speaker enclosure. If you dont happen to have a piece of acrylic you can buy some online if you would like.

Speaker Features

30m Bluetooth range!

Long Battery life!


Loud audio!

Very Cheap to make!

See through case!

Lets Begin!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Watch the video! Please like comment and subscribe for more!

By the way, I plan on trying to upload new projects every month.

Step 2: Supplies!

Supplies you will need!

- Acrylic sheet: Optional

- Bluetooth USB Module: This thing is awesome. Plus its cheap!

- Micro usb Charger module 5V 1A: Very cheap, and it came with two!

- 3W Amplifier: I love these things.

- 2 Speakers 3W 4Ω: You could also use two 8Ω speakers, it would be clearer sound, but at the cost of lower volume.

- 3.7V Lithium Battery: This is where a project could become very expensive. I recylcled an old phone battery, you could do the same or buy on off amazon.

- Switch: recycled

Once you ordered your parts, then comes the boring part... waiting :( ... takes forever sometimes...

Step 3: Cut Acrylic

Now cut out your acrylic box!

I used a jigsaw to cut the acrylic into rectangles

The size of your box will depend on the size or your speakers, but for me the dimensions I used were:

6x15 cm (Four rectangles) and 6x6.5 cm (Two Squares)

Now to glue it!

Step 4: Gluing!

Now its time to glue the pieces together!

You can use hot glue or superglue, they both work extremely well.

Just make sure to glue exactly at 90 degrees. You dont want to mess up with superglue!

Use a straight edge or a big ruler to help you glue it in place.

Step 5: Speakers!

Before you glue the last acrylic piece together, place it face down and put your speakers on top of it.

Using a sharpie, slowly trace around the speakers edge.

Now using a dremel or any other cutting drill, cut out the marked area. Be sure to sand down all the plastic burrs afterwords

Then use your hot glue gun and glue them in place!

Step 6: Solder!

Now solder your circuit together!

Its fairly simple, and great practice for soldering. Now you'll probably have a more neater soldering job then I did, but that's what you get for buying "real" equipment. (I bought my old junky soldering iron and roll of solder for $1 at a garage sale:) )

Step 7: You're Done!

Charger up your speaker using a micro usb cable, flip the switch and start playing your favorite songs! Its really easy to connect to any phone with Bluetooth capabilities.

You did it!

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