How to Make a BrushBot

Introduction: How to Make a BrushBot

This is an easy to make robot for beginners. All the correct pieces can be attained from your local Michaels or online in the Brush Robot kit.

The materials you will need are:

- 9 screws

- 2 AAA batteries

- 1 small brush

- 1 motor with the rotor attached

- 2 googly eyes

- 2 eye backs

-2 wires for eyes

- 2 terminal caps

- 2 bolts and 2 nuts

- 1 adhesive foam

- 1 bracket for large brush

- 1 large brush that fits bracket

- 1 battery case with case cover

- 1 motor cover

- 1 baseplate

- 1 holder for the small brush

- 1 small paintbrush


1. Examine the baseplate. The upper side is the side with the motor housing on it. Push the battery case onto the pins on the side of the baseplate. The wires from the case must exit through the slot under the switch towards the motor housing. Secure the cover with 2 screws

2. Drop the motor into the housing on the baseplate, with the wire connections uppermost and closest to the battery case. Gently bend the wires over the back of the housing.

3. Now you need to connect the wires from the battery case to the wires from the motor. There are two terminal holes on the baseplate, one on each side of the motor cover. Push the bare ends of the red wire from the battery case and the red wire from the motor into one hole. Push a terminal cap into the hole to trap and connect the wires. Repeat with the black wires in the other hole.

4. Push the motor cover over the motor. It should fit over the pins on the base plate. Make sure that the motor wires fit through the holes in the bottom of the cover without being trapped. Don't put in the motor cover screws yet.

5. Find one of the wires and a screw. Push the screw through the ring at one end of the wire. Now push the screw into one of the screw holes in the motor cover. There is a small slot next to the hole for the wire to fit through. Tighten the screw. Repeat with the other wire and another screw in the other hole in the cover.

6. Gently bend the two wires upwards. Attach the two eye backs to the end of the wires with screws through the loops in the wires. Peel off the backing from the eyes and stick them onto the eye backs.

7. Turn over the baseplate. Put the brush bracket in place and secure it loosely with two screws(don't tighten the screws until you add the paint brush in step 8).

8. Peel off the backing sheet from the adhesive foam and stick the foam to the large brush handle. Slide the paint brush into the brackets and tighten the brush bracket screws. The soft foam will fill any gaps between the large brush and baseplate, which will stop the brush from moving when the robot is vibrating.

9. Turn the base plate right way up again. Attach the small brush bracket to the baseplate through the hole alongside the battery case, using a nut ,and bolt. The bracket will only fit one way round. Screw up the bolt until the joint is tight but can still turn from side to side. Push the small paint brush down through the hole in the center of the bracket, with the bristles facing upwards. Put a nut and bolt through the holes at the end of the bracket and tighten the bolt to hold the brush in place.

10. Insert two AAA batteries into the battery case. Attach the battery case to the cover with a screw, if the motor runs when you flip the switch.


These instructions are largely based on the instruction manual in the Brush Robot kit


Put your BrushBot on a smooth surface switch the switch on the battery case to make the motor run and watch your BrushBot run. Move the small paint brush up and down to make the BrushBot move forward or backwards. The direction of movement depends on the angle of the tilt. Have Fun!

Thank You for viewing my instructable ! Please comment so I can make my work better!

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