How to Make a Bullet Bill Out of Clay




Introduction: How to Make a Bullet Bill Out of Clay

My name is Melissa and I'm 18 years old. I joined this site for a class but it is very interesting …

What will you need? 

CLAY! Nothing but clay, and you only need black and white. 

Sculpting tools are also helpful but not necessary. 

Step 1: Making the Body

First you roll the black clay into a cylinder shape that has one rounded end. About a half a centimeter up from the flat end you make a crease all the way around. This is what gives it more of a bullet shape. After you have the basic shape you need to make the eye sockets. First you need to decide how big your eyes will be and where they are going to go. It's best to draw it on the clay first to make sure its the size and shape you want and then you carve it out.

Step 2: Adding the Eyes

After you've carved out the eye sockets you have to fill the holes with white clay. The reason you carve it out is so you can give it some depth. Fill the holes with white but don't fill them completely, leave a small edge of black not filled in. After you've added the white you need to make small black circles for the pupils. Add the pupils at the very top of the white part about half way across.

Step 3: The Arms

For the arms you need more white clay. The making of the shape of the arms is very basic, just roll the clay into and almost snake like shape. Cut them off to your desired size and make a bend half way down. The arm comes off of the body and bends toward the front so that is the purpose of the bend. After the arms you need to make the hands. The hands are also a very basic shape. You basically just make a ball of white then make dents in it for the fingers.

Step 4: Finish It Off

Now you just need to attach the arms. You just smooth the end of the clay arm onto the body to attach it. Yes it looks strange but there is another step that solves that. After you've attached the arms you need to roll black clay into the snake like shape. You put this black clay around the bottom of the arm where its attached to the body to give it an almost sleeve-like look and this will cover up the part where you attached the arm so it wont look as strange.

That's all the instructions. Enjoy :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job!! I just love Mario and all the characters! How fun would this be in use with this Piranha Planter it could be attached to the side with some glue and you could feel like the game was going on in your window!  Again wonderful instructable!