Introduction: How to Make a C# Application Which Turns Your Screen Into a Cracked One

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Hi, in this tutorial i will show you that how to make a C# application which turns your desktop screen "crack" on button click.

Things you need:-

A cracked screen wallpaper (black)


A computer which supports Visual Studio

Click HERE to download Visual Studio 2010 express

Step 1: Open VS and Create New Project

First of all , open visual studio and create a new project...

Step 2: Choose Template

now after you click "new project" , a new windows will open, in that window choose Visual C# option , which is on the left side of that window and when you click that "Visual C#" the templates will appear in front of you ! and after that choose "windows forms application.." template from them , which is on the top and then rename your application by clicking on the bottom line where there is already written "WindowsFormsApplication1" and when you click on it ! you will be able to write your custom name.

Step 3: Creating Form

Now that you have proceeded ! you shall see a blank gray coloured form.

On that form , add 1 label and 1 button.

add labels and button by searching the tool box which is on the left side of the screen.

just drag and drop ! the tool (/button/Label)

Step 4: Change Label & Button Properties

Now change the properties of the label and button !

for label i will make its AutoSize = False and FontSize = 40

for button i will make FontSize= 30

Step 5: Renaming the Label and Button

now to rename a button ! just head to properties and make its text to your custom text !

and do the same with the label !

Step 6: Add New Form

now add new windows form by clicking the "project" button on the top ! and then choose

"Add new windows forms...."

and then a new form will pop up !

Step 7: Now Change 2nd Form's Properties

Now to change the properties of the second form ! go to the properties !

and then search for Opacity option and then beside it you will see the percentage

of the opacity i.e Opacity 100%

now click that digits and then write 80% and then press enter.

and now change the form's borderstyle form Sizeable to None !

and then add the background image to that form ! the cracked one ! Download

(more in pictures)

Step 8: Add Label

now add 1 label to your second form !

and just make it empty ! and make it autosize to false and back color to transparent !

and put it on the top left side of your form but make sure you leave some space

so the user can click it !

(more in picture)

Step 9: Coding for Form2

now double click on the label1 and add this code

new Form1().Show();

Step 10: Coding for Form 1

now head to the form 1 and double click on the crack button and add this code

new Form2().Show();

Step 11: Finish Now Publish (pt 1)

now its time to publish your app.

click on the build button on the top and click the publish button !

Step 12: Finish Now Publish (pt 2)

now when a pop up comes ! then it will ask for choosing the path where you want to save your application !

and then choose your specific path and then click the finish button ! directly !

Step 13: Setup

your application's setup will pop up and then you can install your application !

Step 14: How to Install

just double click the setup icon and proceed...

another option will come and that might scare you that ! the publisher is not verified !

But you shouldn't getscare ! just hit the instal button.

Step 15: Tadaa !!!

you will see, after you click the install button , your personally created application will open automatically !

so your application is done ! and you can have fun using it ! :)


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