How to Make a Calandar-Clock Mix in Batch Code

Introduction: How to Make a Calandar-Clock Mix in Batch Code

Hey there guys! Today, i am showing you how to make a Calandar and a Clock in one code, Hope you Enjoy!

PS: I know this is very basic, but I intend it to be for people very new to batch coding, so please, respect others in the comments. Thanks!

Step 1: Opening the File

First, you must open up a new text document, which can be done by right-clicking an empty location on your desktop, hovering over the tab that says "New" and click on Text Document.

Step 2: Colors O3o

To make colors, open up a new text document and type in this:

@echo off

color 0k


This will show colors, Numbers are for the backround, letters are for the text.

-=NOTE=-: this is not nessesary, only optional. Your color choices have no effect with the text, unless you pick two similar colors.

Step 3: Coding

Ok, this is one of the most basic codes out there, and i mean, REALLY basic. Here's the code, feel free to copy-paste! PS: With this one, i am making my colors black with green text, this is not nessesary though.

@echo off


color 0a

echo %time% %date% Have a nice day!

goto start

Step 4: Saving

Ok, this is the last step, other than testing it. To save it as a batch file to open a window and type, you must go over and click File, then Save As. You may choose any name you want, as long as you dont include any characters other than numbers and letters, spaces included. then, at the end of it save it as a .bat file, then save to wherever you want! PS: If you would like to edit it, right-click the icon for the file and click edit. Viola! Your first batch coding calender clock mix!

Hope you enjoy!

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