Introduction: How to Make a CamelPack With an Old Plastic Bottle

In this instructable, you will make your own camelpak that you can carry around with you on your back. The biggest problem with carrying water bottles around, I've noticed, is that one: it's uncomfortable in a pocket, and two: that it takes forever to refill. This instructable uses a half gallon jug, so you don't run out as fast, plus you can exchange lids to another at any time.

PS. Sorry about the bad pictures. My camera is the worst thing ever to have 3 MegaPixels

Step 1: Parts Needed

There are four parts that go into the CamelPack. This is an apple juice bottle pictured here, but you could probably do it just as well with some smaller surgical tubing and a two-liter bottle. Also not depicted here is a clothespin. The wooden kind works well.

Step 2: Tools Needed.

You will also need, for tools, a drill, a pocketknife, and a backpack.

Step 3: Cut a Hole in the Lid.

To do this, use the pocketknife to slowly whittle out a circle in the middle of the lid. stop when it is slightly smaller than the tube. Remember, you can always cut more, but you can't put it back. Make sure it fits tightly before moving on.

Step 4: Drill Air Holes.

If you don't drill these, then you will constantly have to let the bottle reshape itself. Take the lid off of the tubing, put it under the drill press, and drill two holes with the 5/64 bit. They should be barely visible through the seal, but the air coming in will push this back, and it will block the water fairly well to not splash.

By the way, for those attempting this with a two liter bottle, only one hole is probably necessary.

Step 5: Tape It Up.

Stick the hose back in the lid, screw the lid on the bottle, and adjust the hose so it barely scrapes the bottom of the bottle. now tape around the hose with the electrical tape, but be careful not to cover the smaller holes with the tape.

Step 6: Add the Clothespin and Finish!

Take your clothespin and attach it to the hose on the end, being careful to make sure no water can leak out. Then, stick it in a backpack, preferably in an isolated pocket by itself, because no seal is perfect, and it may leak a little. The pocket should also have two zippers. Put the hose through the handle on top, and it is finished. Enjoy your CamelPack!

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