How to Make a Camera/ Phone Case Out of Old Jeans

Introduction: How to Make a Camera/ Phone Case Out of Old Jeans

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I needed a camera case so I made this. hope you like it

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Here's what you need:

An old pair of Jeans
Some other material for the back (can use denim if you want)
A fabric pen
A good pair of scissors
A sewing machine is ideal but you could hand stitch if you don't have one
A needle and cotton

Step 2: Mark Out and Sew

I didn't take photos of cutting the pocket off because its pretty much self explanatory and so is marking round the pocket and cutting the shape out of the back material.
Then all there is to do is sew them together, you can pin them together to hold them while you sew which does make it easier.
then all I did was cut a little slit in the hide so the button would hold it closed and that's it finished,

the shapes, colours and different materials and ideas you can use are endless If you wanted to you could cut 2 slits in the back so it could go on your belt or even a piece of string on the top so it can go round you're neck too.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    looks good is it durable and could u make more steps and could u make it studier