Introduction: How to Make a Climbing Chalk Bag

Make your own bag from a design of your choosing.

Step 1: Making the Draw

The first step is a bit time consuming. but is great to do over a a cold weekend in front of the fire place.

pick a image\pattern\anything,

Print it and paste on a harder material, i used flexible plastic. cart-board or on old projection slide work just at well.
once it is pasted and cut comes the long part of stitching a thread using the cut image as a guide. just circle throw, until no image can be seen. for the background use a fabric of your choosing.


Step 2: Cutting the Clothe for the Bag

The materials i used were:
an old laundry bag 
an old belt 
a synthetic fur 

first choose the pattern of the final bag you can create a perfect circle as well.
i made two U shape connected by a strap.

because i had an image that i wanted on the bag i first sewed it to a U shape.
then i sewed the pieces together.

when sewing the bag you should sew it from the inside and then flip it so the stitched wont be seen.(but you can also just sew from the outside.)

repeat the same proccess with the fur clothe. make sure to leave some access material. 

Step 3: Create the Hard Lip

 I used several ziptie connected with duct tape to create a rigid element.
Then i sewed a strap around it as close as possible to the ziptie in order to leave room for sewing the edges of the bag

Step 4: Connecting Loop and Sphincter

create a loop from a strap. then sew it to the bag.

I also sewed a metal ring with its surrounding fabric due it is not a must.

The sphincter is a bit tricky 
first  sew the fur to the bag.
then create a "loop"\ a sleeve of fabric.
sew one end of the sleeve to the bag and fur.
create a knot with a string around the sleeve and pass its ends throw the metal ring.
sew the other end of the sleeve.

Step 5: Vioalla

If you did well the final result should be something like this.....
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