Introduction: How to Make a Colt Western Pistol in 3-4 Hours

This is how I made a 1860-inspired Colt for my Son. NOTE: The intention was not to make an exact replica, but to make a robust wooden toy with enough details to be interesting.

Step 1:

1. step was to make a drawing of the pistol, cut it out and use it as a template to draw a cut line on 18 mm plywood. I Chose 18 mm plywood because it is easy, to remove one or two layers to make some details.

Step 2:

2. Step was to cut out the handle and half of the stock cylinder.

Step 3:

3. This step shows the pistol after cut out and what it looks like after I glue the handle and the cylinder parts on to the body. Note also, how I have removed some layers of the plywood to ad details.

Step 4:

4. After sanding I painted the pistol. First black all over so there would be no unpainted spots. After this, I experimented with a pure "iron" version, but settled with a "iron" and "brass" version.

Tool and material: Electric jigsaw, rasp, sanding paper, carving iron, drill, glue, acrylic paint, varnish, 18 and 3 mm plywood, 40 mm round stick

Time spend all in all: 3-4 hours. Have fun!