Introduction: How to Make a DC's "Darkseid" Costume

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Ruler of Apokolips, a$$ kicker of Superman, siege of the universe.. Darkseid means business!

*Cosplayer is also cosplayer from the Thing costume


-Blue fabric



-plastic masquerade mask

-Bondo (home depot)

-red  acetate (can use 3D glass).. or go to craft store

-work gloves

-grey ones

-fabric marker


-tiny plastic quick-release buckles (got a large bag on ebay)

Step 1: Feet + Shins


This costume was created prior to learning how to use foam.. Since i wasn’t thinking about foam at the time, i glued blue fabric on the shoe. If you do want to go the foam route, check out my link below


i made shin/ knee covers that tucked into his shoes. then i covered the entire thing in fabric, but made it so he could slip it on and off. Make sure that the fabric is underneath the knee so you can bend . 

Step 2: Onesie + Tunic


On the onesie, I took the fabric marker and started drawing “cracks” as darkseid’s skin looks somewhat like rock. it’s easier to draw when the person is wearing the onesie.


Cut your blue fabric into a long “nightgown shape/ tank top” (pic B).. you need two pieces for the front and the back. i sewed the sides and the shoulders together.. If you are feeling secure enough, the length should extend to mid thigh of the individual. i then took a strip and wrapped it around the neck.

Step 3: GLOVES

Hand (pic 1)

 It is easier to work with the glove on your hand. cut out two shapes of C (one for the top of your hand, one for the palm). Hot glue those on the glove. take a long strip of fabric (pic D) and covered the border of your hand. (diagram)

Forearm (pic 2)

Take some foam, wrap it around your forearm, and hot glue the pieces of tiny buckles on either side to close it.

Step 4: Belt

Using cardboard, cut 2 strips (pic F) that are the length of your waist. 1 strip should fit between your torso to your waist line. take the second strip and divide it into 3 equal parts. Cover the three pieces with poster board and glue on top of the first F piece. Now, cut 4 pieces (pic E) that are the same height of F and about 1-1 1/2 inch wide. those go on the front.

If you are feeling a little timid, you can add another skirt to attach to the belt. i just added a black border around to make it a little fancy.

Step 5: Mask

Using the Masquerade mask, start glooping Bondo onto it in the shape of Darkseid’s face.

*do this outside and wear a ventilator mask, as this stuff smells like gasoline and is probably not the best to breath in. *

Once dry, start the PAINSTAKING task of sanding it. Take your time and be patient. this is what separates an awesome costume and a crappy one.. Once finished, take a saw or a dremel and start carving “cracks” in his face.. glue the red acetate on the inside of the mask. Glue some elastic to the back of it so it will stay on.

Step 6: Helmet: Crown

The helmet is a little tricky. It’s made of cardboard with fabric over the entire thing.

(Pic 1)
First begin by making a strip of cardboard into a headband. It should rest comfortably above your ears (pic G). Then take THREE more strips and put them over the top of your head. One long one that goes from front to back, and two smaller strips that go on the sides (pic H). You are trying to make an even surface, NOT trying to make layers.  Now, you add  triangle pieces of cardboard in between the cross, and you SHOULD have a cap of sorts. it doesn’t need to be pretty, just functional at this point.

(Pic 2)
if the triangles are too much for you, i sometimes add another strip in between the cross.

I learned this technique from my cardboard guru, Featherweight. Visit his site for great tips and ideas. or

Step 7: Helmet: Sides + Chin

Sides (pic 1)

Now from here, Cut out and glue on two side pieces (pic J). Cut and attach a back piece of the head (pic K). Once complete, Test out the mask WITH the helmet and cut off the front of the cap (pic L). *Make sure to not cut off too much, but just enough to see Darkseid’s forehead. Cover the helmet with fabric.

Chin (pic 2)

make a Chin strap and attach it with velcro

Step 8: Finished!

Happy ruling of the universe and enjoy the costume!

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