Introduction: How to Make a Disemboweled Zombie or Accident Victim

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This tutorial will show you how to make a realistic disemboweling from materials that can be found in your local costume shop, Halloween Store or online. This Makeup FX adds a great touch to your Zombie or accident victim costume. Scare your friends and family!

Word of caution, a small but significant number of people can have severe allergic reactions to Latex. If you are unsure, please apply a small amount of latex to the inside of the your elbow and keep it there for at least one hour. If there is no rash, itching, swelling or difficulty breathing remove the latex and continue. If there is any reaction at all, remove the latex and seek medical help! When applying latex, make sure that the area is FREE OF HAIR or that you have a high tolerance for pain! If your volunteer is allergic to latex, you can use a silicon like 3rd Degree or Skin Tite to make the skin.

Clean Non-Porous Surface (I use an old mirror about 3 feet long)
Liquid Latex (Clear or Fair, I use both)
Paper Towels

Neutral Set Powder
Foam Makeup Wedge or Foam Paint Brush
Burns And Blister Wheel or Severe Exposure Wheel (or various shades of red, brown, pink and black creme makeups)

Materials Needed For Stomach Wound:

Two Ply Kleenex or toilet paper (no printed or quilted pattern)

Liquid Latex

Latex Intestines

Prosthetic Adhesive

Thick Blood

Stage Blood

Zombie Black Blood

Creme Death Flesh Foundations

Creme Natural Foundations

Burn and Injury Wheel

Neutral Set Powder

Sponges, brushes and powder puff

Old T-Shirt or Dress

Step 1: Make the Intestines

To make the intestines, you need a clean, non-porous surface such as a mirror or table top covered in saran wrap (taped down securely).

Take your bottle of latex and a white makeup sponge, pour several small amounts of latex onto your non-porous surface. Take your latex sponge and begin to spread the latex evenly in an up and down motion until the surface is covered. Allow this layer to dry completely. Once this layer is dry, add another layer of liquid latex going from side to side. Allow this layer to dry completely also. Apply 4 more layers, one at a time, in alternating directions. Allow each layer to dry before adding the next.

To speed dry the layers, you can use a blow dryer on cool.

Step 2: Color the Intestines

Once all the layers are done and dry, take your red, brown, pink and
black creme makeup or wheels and another latex sponge. Begin adding layers of colors to your latex. If you are making healthy intestines, use pinks, red and browns. Blend the colors using your fingers. If you are making zombie (necrotic) intestines, use reds, browns, and blacks. Blend well with fingers.

I used Ben Nye's Severe Exposure Wheel and Ben Nye's Burns and Blisters Wheel.

Step 3: Roll the Intestines

Once the coloring is done, take enough paper towels to stretch the
length of your latex sheet. Scrunch the paper towels up into a loose roll. Place the paper towels on the edge of the latex and gently lift the edge of the latex and pull it over the paper towel. Continue down the edge of latex, pulling it up and over the paper towel. Roll the paper towel up in the latex, making sure the towel is completely covered. Don't roll it to tight, or the intestines will be to small.

When you have the latex and paper towel all rolled up, take the
colorless powder ( I use Neutral Set by Ben Nye) and dust over the latex to keep it from sticking to itself. Set aside.

Step 4: Prepping Your Zombie (or Accident Victim)

If your volunteer is male, make sure that you shave the area where the latex will be applied. Removing latex from hair is very painful! Once the area is clean and hair free, use rubbing alcohol or a skin cleanser to clean the area. Let dry. Take some creme makeup and paint an outline of where you want the injury to be.

Step 5: Building the Skin.

Once the area is prepped, take several Kleenex or squares of toilet paper and pull the two ply's apart so you have two sheets. Tear this into small strips about an inch or so wide. Take a makeup sponge and apply a layer of latex around the area where you drew your outline. While the latex is still damp, press the tissue into it. Once the latex has dried, take your sponge and apply another layer of latex onto and around the tissue. Take more strips of Kleenex and press into the damp latex. Allow to dry. To speed dry, you can use a blow dryer on cool.

Once the two layers of tissue and latex is dry, apply another layer latex on top. Allow to dry completely. Add another layer of latex. Allow it to dry.

When the layers are all dry, take your Neutral Set Powder and powder puff and coat the layers of latex, this will keep the latex from sticking to itself. Make sure you press the powder firmly into the latex. Gently peel up an edge of the latex and powder the under side with Neutral Set Powder and a small brush. Do this to a depth of least 3/4" of an inch.

Step 6: Add the Intenstines and Color

Take the Prosthetic Adhesive and pat onto the skin, underneath the latex and tissue. Allow to dry. Press an edge of the intestines you made into the Prosthetic Adhesive. Hold in place for 20 seconds. Keep adding the adhesive and allowing it to dry before pressing more of the intestines into it. Add loops but also allow some to hang loose, this will make it look like they were pulled out. I used 6 feet of intestines to make this fx.

Once the intestines are placed to your satisfaction, take your Burn and Injury wheel and color in the gaps between the intestines with a blend of black and maroon creme makeup. This gives an impression of added depth. Next take a creme foundation to match your victims skin or a dead flesh foundation (zombie color) and color the latex/tissue skin around the wound. Blend out to the skin,

Next, lift the latex/tissue and begin to fill the underside and edge with Thick Blood. Make sure the bottom edge is pulled out and filled with Thick Blood. Add a few dabs of the Thick Blood to the intestines to resemble clotting and tissue.

When it is done, take the Stage Blood and spread liberally over the intestines and surrounding skin. This will give the intestines a slick, wet look.. If you are making a Zombie, use the black Zombie Blood. This will make it look old and decayed.

Take an old shirt , dress, etc. and tear a hole larger than your wound. Sprinkle liberally with stage blood or black Zombie Blood. To keep the wound exposed when wearing the shirt, glue or pin it so the wound is always visible.

Step 7:

Scare and gross out your fellow zombies and friends!

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