Introduction: How to Make a "Dongo Panda Polymer Clay Charm"

This Is My Version Of a Doki Polymer Clay Charm 

Step 1: Gather Up Supplies Needed

Things you will need:
~Polymer Clay : Assortment of colors (Pink,White,Green are recommended) I used a Light Blue,White,Lime Green
~RECOMMENDED CLAY BRAND:  Premo! Sculpey,Fimo (I Used Craft Smart Polymer Clay)
~A Tooth Pick (not in picture sorry)
~ A Eyepin
~Paint Brush
~Clay Roller/Clay  Sculpting tools to help smooth out  flaws
~Razor Blade (To Cut Polymer Clay into small pieces/)
~Clay Gloss Glaze  (Sculpey Brand Recommended)

Step 2: Cut Polymer Clay/Create Ball Shapes

~Use the Assortment of  Polymer Clay you would like to use in this project and cut  the amount you would like off the brick of clay
~Shape the clay into a round shape after cutting with razor blade 
~Put to side till later :3

Step 3: Make Small Balls of Clay

~ Use Razor Blade to cut off only the corner of each brick of Polymer Clay to create the ears for each of  panda heads
~put to side after being done

Step 4: Get Your Toothpick!

~ Get your toothpick 
~Use scissors or your razor blade to cut your tooth pick to the length you would like

Step 5: Place Larger Balls of Clay Onto the Toothpick

~After resizing your tooth pick you then have to place the panda heads(larger size balls of clay) onto the pointed end of the toothpick in any order you would like (NOTE: be VERY gentle when sliding the tooth pick through the clay balls it may change their shape into a oval)

Step 6: Now to Put on the Panda Ears! :3

~Take the smaller balls of clay and place them in the area you would like your pandas ears to have
~Smooth out any lines to make it look like the ear is attached with your clay sculpting tools


After finishing your ear placement  you will need to place a Eye pin into the top of the head
This will allow you to  attach your cell phone charm or necklace later on in the process

Step 8: Now to Bake the Charm :)

You can now bake your charm!<3
Look at the instructions on  the Polymer Clay packaging, it varies with different brands(My clay needed to bake at 275 degrees for about 15 minutes ) 

Step 9: LETS GLAZE THE CHARM (optional)<3 :D

~After you bake the charm you have the option of glazing the charm 
(I used a Gloss Glaze  by Sculpey) 
~Use a paint brush to stir and  apply the glaze to the charm
~Let Dry for about 30 Minutes in between applications ( I applied 2 coats)
~Fully Dries in 24 hours 

Step 10: YOU ARE NOW DONE <3!!!!

You can now attach your necklace or cell phone charm chain to the eye pin