Introduction: How to Make a ECO Desktop Fan From Old Computer Parts

About: Hi, I am a computer engineer by trade. However, I am a DIY person who likes to do everything for myself. So, I have always tried to find ways to gaining new knowledge.

Here is my project on how make a ECO desktop fan from old computer parts. This desktop fan will reduce your cooling expense. This fan only uses 4 watts!! of energy when compare to regular desk fan which uses about 26 watts or more.

Parts needed:

1. PC case fan or Power supply fan (PSU fan spins slower so case fan is preffered)
2. Old harddrive
3. PSU on/off switch
4. Electrical wires (scrap from old PSU)
5. Piece of electrical grounds wire (use for support
6. Piece of tv cable wire (not necessary)
7. 12 Volt adapter or a working pc PSU
8. Clothes hanger

Note: PSU means Power supply unit which is found in a computer.

1. Pliers
2. Wire cutter
3. Wire stripper
4. Soldering iron
5. Solder wire
7. Electrical tape
8. Drill
9. Philips and Flat head screw driver.

Step 1: Step 1: Preparation

1. Remove wires that you are going to use from the psu or if you have other wires that can be use.
2. Dismantle the harddrive, remember that there are usually hidden screws under the label.
3. Wrap electrical grounds wire around the fan. This will prevent the fan from shifting left or right.
4. Cut electrical grounds wire to length.

Step 2: Step 2: Preparation Cont..

1. Remove the harddrive circuit board without damaging it, you will need it later.
2. Drill hole in the harddrive housing for on/off switch.
3. Wrap wires together then insert them in the harddrive housing.
4. Solder power wire to switch. (cut only the red wire)

Step 3: Step 3: Harddrive Circuit Board

1. Remove the solder from the connectors as seen in image. Slightly lift the contacts so they don"t
    make contact with the circuit board. Use a flat head screw driver to scratch the contact from the
    circuit board. This will prevent the circuit board from powering up.

2. Solder positive and negative to the connector .

3. Test to ensure that everything is working.

You may use a 12v adapter or a working PSU to power your fan.

Step 4: Finish

Congratulations you have built your ECO friendly desktop fan.

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