Introduction: How to Make a Foam Helmet Top

Hello again everyone. Foam-Smith is back with yet another great invention. This step by step guide will help you to make a basic round helmet top. Please note, I will have many more creations along the way based on this model design and to save time, i will specify in that instructable            Please refer to foam helmet top     . That will help, to let you know that you need to refer back to this instructable to help you in the next step of the design.

Step 1: Material's

1 (quarter piece) of full camping foam matt.
colored duck-tape
cardboard or anything else you can use to transfer the designs to hard material for accurate shape tracing too later, transfer on to the camping matt

...everyone has been asking me...okay i made a 4 inch line..then went in the middle,so 2 inches in and then went 7 inch up...from there ...I took the for inch line went on each corner and went straight up and mad a square..from the middle point I curved my sides till they meet each end corner of the 4 inch line.. and that is how I got my shapes...Again like I said.. everyones head is different and this method will not work for some..thats why I have mentioned in the beginning to use cardboard until you get your shapes right and then transfer the shape design too your camping matt...I hope this better helps your people

Step 2: Beginning

cut out your 4 shapes of the helmet design, that will later be fused together to make the crown of the helmet

Step 3:

Begin by taping 2 pieces of the same shape together. start taping from the flat part and slowly work you way up

Step 4:

When your done doing the first half it should look something like this

Step 5:

Now repeat the process for the other 2. When all 4 pieces become 2 pieces repeat the same process to put them all together. it should look like this when you are done.

Step 6:

Next tape up all 4 lines on the out side of the helmet top. Follow all four lines. it should look like this when finished

Step 7:

Well thats it. your all done.