Introduction: Halo Grunt Costume

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I was asked last year if I could figure out how to make this costume, for this year. My friend's kid is obssesed with the game and gave me the references. I attemped to be cost effective and still have it look good.

After posting this, many commented about the needler. I whipped one up to complete the costume. See link.

Halo Needler

Step 1: Materials

Generic Halloween Monster Mask
Kid's Toy chest armor (from dollar store)
Futuristic looking oversized water gun
3- 8oz silver soda cans (empty) - I used diet pepsi
Sand paper
Small zip ties
Kid's plastic bowl (dollar store)
Canned foam insulation (hardware store)
Lots of cardboard
Masking Tape
Metal Tape
Electrical tape
Paper towels
Paint brush
Spray Paint in blue, black and silver
Acylic paint in neon blue, black, red and orange
Black Markers (various thicknesses)
Old shoes
Plastic Grocery bags
X-acto knife
Utility knife
Blue glow braclets (dollar store)
Imitation leather fabric
Sewing machine
Navy long sleeve shirt and textured leggings
or pajama set with reptile type print or texture
Old Pillow (optional)

Step 2: Gas Mask and Ear Guard

Gas Mask

Sand the three cans down to the metal. Make hole using an awl, screwdriver or drill at the top of the can.

Using a moist paper towel, paint them with black paint to look weather beaten. Let dry.

Meanwhile,make holes with a drill or tool of choice into a kiddie bowl. then paint with the black paint .

When the cans are dry dip the bottoms into neon blue paint to create the neon rings. Let dry.

When the cans are dry use the electrical tape an inch from the bottom to create the black band. The neon bracelets will go over the tape when you are ready to use the costume.

 Using zip ties attach the cans to the bowl. I use clear stretch cord to tie the mask.

Ear Guard

Cut from cardboard and cover in metal tape. Detail with black marker. Antique with black paint, let dry. Attach pieces to headband with more metal tape.

Step 3: Gun

Paint the water gun silver with spray paint. Let dry. Using a moist paper towel, pain with with black paint to look weather beaten. Once dry, mix black and red paint to look like dried blood. Splatter on to each side of gun. Let dry.

Step 4: Chest Piece and Shoulders

Chest Piece

Paint the chest piece silver with spray paint. Let dry. Using orange paint define the shape of the chest plate. Detail the bottom in black to create the curves. Using a moist paper towel, pain with with black paint to look weather beaten.


 Cut from cardboard and cover bottom in metal tape. Paint top side in orange. Detail with black marker. Antique with black paint, let dry. Attach safety pins to pieces with metal tape.

Step 5: Respirator Pack

Using cardboard I created the respirator pack. Cut the flat piece first, which is shaped like an oversized ukulele. Then I built on to it, creating a point ship shape. I masked the edges.

Spray paint it all silver. Let dry. Use the metal tape on the front panel to create a realistic metal look.

Draw in the details with black marker.

Paint the back orange and detail with black marker. Using a moist paper towel, paint it with black paint to look weather beaten. Let dry.

Cut cardboard to fit hole, leaving two top holes and a bottom one (see pic). Run fabrics scraps through before taping, tie. then tape up. It will be worn like a backpack and straps will be covered by chest piece.

Step 6: Arms


Cut out pattern based on individual's arms. Use imitation leather fabric for the arms. Sew the wrong side out. Then turn them right side out for painting. Use a dowel or kniiting needle to get the pointy parts out. Also, stuff the pints with newspaper.

Step 7: Feet

Prep your old shoes with plasic bags. Use the canned foam insulation all over the shoes. When dry,carefully use knife and blade to create shape. Spray paint with black and blue to create desired color.

Using the arm material make cuffs to go above the feet, these were sewn and stapled.
Use canned insulation foam to build it out, let dry. Spray paint with black and blue to create desired color.

Step 8: Underpinnings

Navy long sleeve shirt and textured leggings.(Spray paint to your liking)
Textured reptile pajamas.

Use old pillow for kids who want to look more bulky.
Cut and tie around neck like bib.

Step 9: Putting It All to Together

Start with underpinnings.
Then put on the leg cuffs and the feet.
Follow up with Respirator pack, Chest plate, and Shoulder pads.
Put the glow bracelets on gas mask.
Then put on the mask, the gas mask, and  the ear gaurd.
Finish up by putting on the arms and tuck the shirt in to them.  
Grab your gun and enjoy your costume!!!

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