Introduction: How to Make a Halo Suit Step by Step....

All credit goes to Andrew Cook whom originally released the blueprints online. I just made it a little easier to find everything in one spot and made the costume with some help from my mom who loves to design stuff.

This project cost me about $200.00 in materials, the helmet was bought separately from amazon as well as the toy Ak-47 since I couldn't use the original Halo gun because it was very expensive. You will find all the materials you need in here. Have fun guys!

Peace and love.


1- Hot glue gun

2- Heat gun

3- Rulers




I used about 10 plates of EVA Foam - You can buy it at Lowe's.

The buckles I also bought from Amazon, I used about 12 of them.

You can paint it with spray cans, they work great. I used a metallic finish type.

*Be as precised as possible when transferring your sizes to real life from the blue prints. Mistakes will be made, but it will be a fun ride! =]

Step 1: The Shin Armor (legs) 1#

Step 2: THIGH & HIP PLATE 2#

Step 3: Ab/Pelvic/Butt Plates 3#

Step 4: Torso Armor 4#

Step 5: Chest Lower Plates 5#

Step 6: Chest Upper Plate 6#

Step 7: Shoulder Armor 7#

Step 8: Gauntlet Armor 8#

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