Introduction: How to Make a Hanging Bicycle Bike Repair Stand (modified)

This is TeamSkenes hanging bicycle stand with my modifications. Total cost around $50. All pieces where bought from Home Depot. Extremely sturdy. Extremely easy.

Step 1:

Same procedure as TeamSkenes, however my setup was to connect to a vertical beam instead of horizontally like his. I tried the setup with just one pipe going straight up to the beam but the bike swiveled back and forth from the flange at the beam so I had to add the necessary brace. I plan to weld all the joints together and then paint it.

Step 2: Materials

x1 - Pony Pipe Clamp for 3/4" Pipe
x2 - 3/4" Flange
x2 - 3/4" Pipe 4" long
x1 - 3/4" Pipe 18" long
x1 - 3/4" Pipe 36" long
x1 - 3/4" Pipe 8" long
x2 - 3/4" 90�- 3/4" Tee Fitting
x8 - 5/16" Bolt
x16 - 5/16" Flat Washer
x8 - 5/16" Locking Washer
x8 - 5/16" Nut
x8 - 1/8" x 1/2" Rivet
x1 - 4" to 4" Flexible Coupling

Step 3: Securing Rubber on the Pony Clamp

On the 3/4in Pony Pipe Clamp I drilled 4 holes 1/8" large through each "face" of the clamp and then pop riveted a piece of 1/4in rubber on both of the clamp faces. Make sure to use a little washer under the rivet head. I tried without the washer and the rivet pulled too far into the rubber. The rubber was from the 4" to 4" Flexible Coupling. It came with 2 big hose clamps, I just took them off, cut it up the middle and cut out 2 squares. The remainder I zip tied onto the back of the pipe but I will eventually take of the zip tie and make it nicer.

Step 4:

I wasnt familiar with the pony pipe clamp but it works really well. Both sides of the clamp move, unlike a table vice where only one side can move. Since the more medial clamp can slide, I am going to weld it to a stationary spot so only the side with the crank can move.