Introduction: How to Make a Hydraulic Crane

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This instructables will teach you how to lasercut and assemble a hydraulic crane.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Start out by gathering all the needed materials.

1. Glue of any kind (fast drying preferably)

2. 60x60 cm 6mm MDF sheet

3. 2 x syringe 20 ml.

4. 5 mm. plastic tubing

5. dowel 8 mm. width

6. string

7. Gaffer's tape

Step 2: Laser Cutting

1. Download the ai file and upload the drawing to the lasercutter.

2. Place the MDF sheet in the lasercutter

Step 3: Assembly

1.Assemble the pulleys by gluing the two bigger circles to each side of the small one.

2. Measure out and drill 8mm holes where you want your pulleys situated.

Measure and drill 8mm hole in crane sides and lower 1/3rd of lever. Also drill hole at the top of the lever.

Cut 3 sections of the wooden dowel at approximately 110mm each.

Assemble crane.

Glue syringe mounting plate to back of crane.

Attach syringes.

Step 4: PUMP IT

Your crane is now operational.

For real. Not kidding around. Here's a quick video of our in action.

Step 5: Automation and Electronics

As an added feature, why not automate the crane?

Here's a sample of other good instructables that show you how you could add a two way motor to your crane:

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